Est. 1982

WTB Raddler 700 x 40c TCS Tubeless / Full Black

WTB - Wilderness Trail Bikes

The radder version of WTB's famed Riddler tread pattern, the Raddler combines the supple traction of a high-volume gravel tire with the rolling efficiency of a short-knob tread design. The minimalistic centerline allows you to maximize the output of every pedal stroke, while toothy outer knobs provide cornering confidence that refuses to let up. The time-tested Raddler is an excellent choice for unpredictable roads or trails where traction is key, but efficiency is of utmost importance.

USAGE: Gravel • Cyclocross
CONDITIONS: Dirt • Gravel • Loose • Wet
  • TCS Tubeless
  • Single-ply 120tpi
  • 522g
  • 25-50 psi