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2020 Giant Trance 29er 2

$4,199.00 from $3,569.00

Be your best on the most challenging trails. Climb technical steeps and rail descents with confidence and speed. This all-new alloy-framed 29er features reengineered rear suspension and progressive geometry to help you up your game. This super-versatile trail machine is built on an all-new ALUXX SL frameset that blends our...
2020 Giant Trance 2

$4,099.00 $3,689.00

When it comes to riding hard and fast on challenging off-road terrain, there’s almost nothing this ambitious trail bike can’t do. From steep, technical climbs to rowdy descents, you’re ready for anything with Trance. This is a trail bike that thrives in the most challenging conditions. The frameset is engineered...
New 2021
New 2021
2021 Giant Trance X 29 2


Chunky rock gardens, gnarly roots and steep, technical climbs. The all-new Trance X 29 is for those who consider the hardest section of trail their favourite part of the ride. With longer suspension travel and adjustable geometry, this aluminium trail slayer delivers hard-charging singletrack fun. Engineered to help you ride...
2020 Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29 1

$6,599.00 $5,249.00

Amp up your trail riding adventures with this all-conquering 29er. Whether you’re gunning for faster enduro times or bagging a big backcountry loop, do it like a boss on this big-wheeled singletrack shredder. It took years for our team of engineers, product designers and pro riders to create a new...
2020 Giant Reign 29 SX


Size Large Fox 36 Grip 2, DHX2 and Code R. Choose your line and let ’er rip. From chunky alpine terrain to warp-speed park runs, this 29er eats up rugged terrain. Its smooth Maestro rear suspension and beefy 170mm fork help keep you in control no matter what comes your...
Giant Reign Advanced Pro 29 1

$7,299.00 $5,999.00

Great Buying - Special Order. Go fast, get rowdy, nail new lines with total control. We took everything you love about the legendary Reign and re-imagined it for 29-inch wheels. It’s progressive, it’s confident, and it’s born to fly on aggressive enduro style terrain. When it comes to building the...
New 2021
New 2021
2021 Santa Cruz Tallboy

from $6,125.00

Note: If you are able to order and pick up from our store, contact us via email for a price and the latest availability. Or come in store. If you aren't able to pick up in store in Hastings, try your local store for stock availability. Some 2020 colours might still be available - Stormbringer Purple or...
New 2021
New 2021
2021 Specialized Epic Comp


You never forget your first taste of real speed, you know, the kind that brings an ear-to-ear grin you just can't seem to shake. Not to worry, from grinning to winning, the Epic Comp has you covered. A Smarter BRAIN Mixing hardtail efficiency and full-suspension capability to impressively quick results,...
New 2021
New 2021
2021 Santa Cruz Hightower

from $6,999.00

Note:  If you are able to order and pick up from our store, contact us via email for a price and the latest availability. Or come in store. If you aren't able to pick up in store in Hastings, try your local store for stock availability. Some 2020 colours might still be available - Highland Blue or...
New 2021
New 2021
2021 Specialized Epic Evo Comp


Lightweight yet stiff. Capable yet efficient. Fun yet focused. Hell, if Goldilocks ever wanted to drop you, our money's on her picking an Epic EVO Comp to do the job. While the Epic EVO sees a seemingly modest 20-millimeter increase in suspension travel up front over its Epic stablemate and...
2020 Demo Expert 29


If you don't know the Demo, it's time you get acquainted. Think of it as a two-wheeled, dirt-eating Mario Andretti—it just wants to go fast. And this year, the Demo Expert 29 adds a new limb to the Demo family tree with an entirely new design that makes railing corners...
2020 Specialized Enduro Comp


Dollar-for-dollar, the Enduro Comp is hard to beat. You get the same full-carbon frame as the Enduro Expert and Elite models, loaded with great components that include powerful four-piston disc brakes, a wide-range 1X drivetrain, and capable RockShox suspension. INCREDIBLY CAPABLE If the Enduro looks like its sibling, the Demo,...
2020 Santa Cruz Megatower

from $8,165.00

The ultimate power-wheeling, bump-chewing sidekick. The Megatower is the fusion of big wheels and the biggest-hitting suspension system. It’s a modern day brawler, as suited to diehard racers as it is to riders wanting to conquer their hometown trails. Tracing its roots to the Hightower, and now featuring the lower...
Santa Cruz Bronson

from $8,780.00

If you are able to order a Bronson and pick up from our store, contact us via email for a price and latest availability. If you aren't able to pick up in store in Hastings, try your local store for stock availability. The leader of the Rat pack Ridden by Ratboy since the day it...
Transition Sentinel Carbon

from $10,490.00

The Hard Charging All-Rounder The Sentinel inspires confidence like you’re wearing full body armor.It’s forgiving do-it-all attitude truly blurs the lines between planted bottomless sender and playful poppy trail pony. Whether you’re chasing EWS dreams or just a weekend afternoon escape, it will bring out the best in you. So easy...
Transition Scout Carbon

from $10,490.00

The Composed Sport Bike Hop on the Scout and you're immediately transformed into a projectile.The Scout will awaken your inner child. Manual here, scrub that, skid there, pedal up this. Freedom to boost everything in sight, overshoot every landing without a care, mixed with nose bonking and hooting your way...
New 2021
New 2021
2021 Specialized Epic Evo Expert


Looking for a bike that soars as well as it sprints? Look no further than the Epic EVO Expert. Wheels up or head down, the Epic EVO Expert's masterful blending of inspired handling, capable geometry and laser-focused pedaling efficiency makes sure no rider ever has to make the decision between...
New 2021
New 2021
2021 Specialized Epic Expert


When speed comes calling, the Epic Expert doesn't just answer, it yells back, 'Catch me if you can!' Featuring the most efficient suspension platform ever to grace a World Cup start line, the Epic Expert pairs 100-millimeters of Brain-controlled travel front and rear for a package that was born to...
New 2021
New 2021
2021 Specialized Epic Pro


What do you get when you open up the taps on trickle-down technology? That'd be the Epic Pro. A waterfall of performance coming straight down from Mount S-Works, the Epic Pro benefits from the most efficient suspension design we've ever created, not to mention a frame that's as light as...
2020 Specialized S-Works Enduro


This is the bike defines the very genre that bears its name. The S-Works Enduro features a bomber-yet-lightweight carbon frame that blissfully tackles the kind of terrain that chews up and spits out lesser bikes. And it’s absolutely dressed to kill. Let the drooling begin. Incredibly capable If the Enduro...
2021 Specialized S-Works Epic


Hey you, yeah, you...the one with the scale out seeing which of the six identical tires on the shelf is the lightest. Sure, some might call you a bit obsessive, but no worries, here, the S-Works Epic is speaking exactly the same language. Countless design hours, endless test laps, terabytes...