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BBB BTI-97 50mm Alloy Valve Extension


Extend the length of your valve to make sure you can use your tube on every rim, high and low. Simply replace the core of your valve for the ValveExtender, screw the core back in and your tube is ready to go. Aluminum valve extender Screws over top of FV...
Lezyne Pump Bracket


Replacement Composite Matrix pump mount for Lezyne HV and HP Pumps. There are two size options: High-Volume (HV) - HV, Tech HV, Micro Floor HV/HVG, Alloy, Carbon Drives and High-Pressure (HP) - HP, Tech HP, Micro Floor HP/HPG, Pressure, Carbon Pressure Drives. Includes Velcro pump strap.
Specialized SWAT Mini CO2 Pump Head


90 Degree twist style mini CO2 head used on SWAT products Twist design allow CO2 cartridge to be threaded into head and then unthreaded to start CO2 flow. Flow can be controlled or stopped by threading cartridge back into head. Includes plastic spacer that allows head to be mounted for...
Weldtite Presta Valve Extension / 35mm


35mm Long Weldtite Presta Valve Extensions - sold as a pair. Requires removable valves cores on your tubes. Simply replace the core of your valve for the Valve Extender, screw the core back in and your tube is ready to go.
Lezyne Replacement ABS Hand Pump Hose


Replacement ABS Flex Hoses for Lezyne hand pumps. Replacement ABS Flex Hoses for Lezyne hand pumps. Available as Presta only ABS Speed Flex Hose for Road Drive pumps (features Presta threaded and Presta Speed Slip-fit valve connections, speed connection is rebuildable. Compatible with all Lezyne hand pumps that use a...
Specialized Switchhitter II Floor Pump Head


The Specialized Replacement Switch Hitter II Floor Pump Head is a genuine Specialized replacement part for the 2010 models onwards. Its durable and reliable construction makes it easy to use and install. Instead of buying a new Specialized SwitchHitterr pump renovate and service your old one for it to feel...
Lezyne Twin Speed Drive CO2 Pump


A CNC machined dispenser for quick inflation. CNC machined aluminum dispenser with brass internals. Slip-on valve operation allows for quick inflation. Twin Slip-Fit head presses onto Presta or Schrader valves. Two-piece head allows for easy O-ring replacement. Neoprene sleeve insulates hand from cold during discharge. Compatible with threaded CO2 cartridges....
Lezyne Trigger Drive CO2 Pump


CNC machined aluminum dispenser with brass internals. Trigger Valve Operation for easy and controlled inflation. Twin Chuck head threads on to Presta and Schrader valves. Neoprene sleeve insulates hand from cold during discharge. Compatible with threaded CO2 cartridges. Weight: 26g Colour: Blue Doesn't come with CO2 cartridge. Includes neoprene sleeve. 
BBB AirSpeed Co2 Inflator


BMP-32 - AIRSPEED Co2 cartridge inflator. Simple, safe and easy to use operation.  Compatible with Presta and Schrader valves.  16 gram cartridge and foam protective cover included.  
PRO Pressure Checker Digital / 160Psi


• To ride with optimal pressure keep this handy tool close by• Up to 2 decimals accuracy (in bar)• For both Schrader (without insert) and Presta valves• With pressure release button for fine tuning• Measures from 0-160 PSI ( 0 to 11 bars)• Weight: 78g
Specialized Air Tool Switch Sport Pump


This durable frame pump with SwitchHitter head automatically adjusts for Schrader or Presta valve tubes. SwitchHitter head works on Schrader or Presta valves with no disassembly. Plunger locks to body chamber with a simple twist for secure storage. Water bottle boss mount included. Max pressure: 120psi (8.3bar) Volume per stroke:...
BBB Digital Pressure Gauge Meter


Digital tyre pressure meter. Maximum readable pressure: 160psi  / 11 bar . Compatible with Presta and Schrader valves.  (For Schrader use, remove brass adaptor and press onto valve) Auto switch off function. Measures in Bar, PSI, KPA and KG/CM2
Blackburn Honest Digital Pressure Gauge


Can you tell the difference between 15psi and 17psi? No you can't. We can't either, but our digital gauge can. Today's wider, lower pressure tires are more pressure-critical than back when we just used to put as much pressure in as the pump could stand. It's not about fending off...
PRO Performance XS Mini Pump


Schrader valve combability. Its short but relatively thick diameter means it provides a high volume of air per stroke while the premium construction ensures it can inflate tyres to a high pressure, 8 Bar/120 PSI. The Performance Minipump XS makes use of PRO’s Magnet Lock system which keeps the handle...
Giant Control Tower 2 Floor Pump


LESS IS MORE. The Giant Control Tower 2 is a great pump choice. A durable structure provides stability during use, remove the surplus function provides better efficiency with fewer strokes to fill your tires. The proven AutoHead™ is compatible with most common tire valves and the large 3-inch gauge makes...
PRO Performance Suspension Mini Pump


PRO Performance High-Pressure Shock Pump Another high quality, affordable workshop product from PRO Performance. Features: Max-Pressure: 400psi Alloy barrel and shaft Micro-adjust bleed valve Magnet Lock valve head system For use on MTB forks, shocks, or dropper posts
Giant Quick Fix Repair Kit Combo


Containing the essentials to get you started - Quick Fix combo includes a saddle pack, mini pump, mutli tool, tyre levers and tyre patch kit. FEATURES Includes everything for a quick fix while on or off-road Includes: Giant seat bag 12 glueless patches 2 tyre levers Mini pump 9 function...
Giant Control Mini Shock 1 Pump


Classic shock.The new control shock 1 features a classic 1.6” analog classic design with 400psi maximum pressure. Two stage valve technology ensures that you won’t lose air when disconnecting the pump. And our extended valve head design makes it easier to access tight valve locations. FEATURES Air pressure release button...
Specialized Air Tool Sport Steel Floor Pump


This economical, all-metal floor pump comes with all the essentials for easy inflation and an accurate reading. 2" (50mm) oversized gauge is easy to read with excellent accuracy New ergonomic Wing handle All-steel construction on base and barrel 42" (110cm) hose length makes the pump easy to use Dual valve...
PRO Performance EZ Head Floor Pump / Black


Performance Floor Pump - Fits all valve types and extra long hose. Features:- Steel barrel and base Presta and Schrader Extra valve inserts Ergonomic handle Snaplock EZ head
Giant Control Mini Shock 0 Digital Pump


SHOCK PRECISION.The Control Shock 0 is Giant’s premier digital shock pump with air release button to control air pressure more accurately. Giant shock pumps provide Two Stage valve technology to ensure no air loss when disconnecting from the pump. The Extended Valve Head design makes it easier to access tight...
Specialized Air Tool Shock Pump


The new Airtool Shock is a high pressure machine designed for one thing, filling up shocks quickly and precisely Super-flexible high-pressure shock-oil-resistant hose Compact design for easy storage in hydration packs Micro air bleed for setting the perfect pressure Comfortable T handle
Specialized Air Tool Comp V2 Floor Pump


Everybody needs a floor pump in their home, but not just any floor pump will do. You need something that's dependable, versatile, and accurate, like our new Air Tool Comp. It checks all the boxes with a dual-stage pressure gauge that delivers the low-pressure accuracy that your mountain bike tires...
Specialized Air Tool MTB Pump Floor / 40psi


Back by popular demand, the Air Tool MTB Floor Pump is better than ever. Designed for low pressure, high volume tires, it provides precise pressure to ensure that your tires are set up for whatever the trail throws at you. Oversized 3" (76mm) gauge has 0-40 PSI range for maximum...