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OneUp Components Carbon Handlebar


The goal for the new OneUp Carbon Handlebars was to make the best feeling bar possible, something which would let us ride harder for longer.The solution is our patent pending oval shape which combines the best ride characteristics of 31.8mm and 35mm bar standards into one package. This is the...
Specialized 35mm Handlebar 780mm

$70.00 $35.00

Specialized 35mm Handlebar. Taken off brand new bikes. Alloy, 35mm diameter, 780mm width, 8-degree backsweep, 6-degree upsweep
Specialized 35mm Handlebar 800mm


Taken off a brand new Specialized MTBs. Specialized, 6061 alloy, 6-degree upsweep, 8-degree backsweep, 30mm rise, 800mm width. 35mm diametre.
Specialized Trail 31.8mm Alloy Handlebar 750mm

$70.00 $35.00

Taken off a brand new bike. Some clamp marks. Width:  750mm Diametre:  31.8mm 6061 alloy 8-degree backsweep, 6-degree upsweep  27mm rise
Burgtec Ride Wide 35mm Alloy Handlebar - 30mm Rise


The Burgtec Ride Wide Enduro Alloy Handlebars are the original and best wide bar. It’s the little difference’s that make it one of the most comfortable bars in its class. The backsweep and upsweep help the bar to the ultimate feel once tried always loved. As used by the Santa...
OneUp Components Aluminum Handlebar


Get carbon performance at an aluminum price. The Aluminum Handlebar uses the same patented oval shape as our Carbon Handlebar to deliver increased vertical compliance without sacrificing steering stiffness. It’s the perfect mix of durability and performance. Features: Patented Vibration Damping. Our patented oval shape increases vertical compliance, actively reduces...
Oneup Carbon E-Bar


The Most Compliant E-Bike Rated Bar On the Market E-Bikes let you ride further for longer. They’re heavier and more physically demanding to ride. That makes reducing fatigue even more important. Our Carbon E-Bar is 20% more compliant than other carbon handlebars. That means more comfort and less fatigue on...
Burgtec Ride Wide Josh Bryceland 35mm Handlebar (38mm Rise)


Burgtec’s first signature handlebar developed with, yes you’ve guessed it! Josh Bryceland. Josh loved the sweep and rise of the Ride Wide Bars but asked us to make him something higher. The Rat isn’t one of those guys that’s ‘crazy’ on set up but he knows what he wants. His...