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Shimano TL-FC16 Hollowtech II L/H Crank Tension/Installation Tool


The Shimano TL-FC16 tool is compatible with Hollowtech II crankarms and 2-piece cranks. It has a multi-tooth profile and is made of robust plastic. TL-FC16 is applied directly to the crank bolt by hand without an additional tool and tightened with 0.7 to 1.5 Nm. Compatibility: Hollowtech II, 2-piece
Ontrack Nylon Tyre Levers 3 Set


The Ontrack tyre levers are light-weight and easy to use. Great for putting in your saddle bag for those unexpected punctures without the rattling of metal ones. The flat lip reduces tube pinch and the spoke hook keeps the lever secure while the next one is put in place.
Ontrack Steel Tyre Levers 3 Set


The Ontrack steel tyre levers are great for stubborn hard to remove tyres. The super strong levers won't bend or break. The unique spoke hook keeps the lever secure while the next one is put in place.
Ontrack Multi-Fit Spoke Key


The Ontrack multi-sized spoke key is a great basic spoke wrench that is suitable for most gauge. 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 spoke nipples.
Feedback Sports Fixed 3-Way Allen Wrench


Bicycle maintenance is often delicate, precision work. Having an ergonomic allen wrench set or torx bit set in the palm of your hand is an ideal resource for any mechanic.• Fixed 2 / 2.5 / 3mm Allen wrench set• Ergonomic, overmolded rubber grip for comfort and precision• Durable polymer core creates...
BBB Boldgrip Chainring Nut Wrench


Chainring nut wrench. For easy mounting of chainring nuts. Compatible with Shimano and Campagnolo chainring nuts. Extra tool to remove the dust cap out of the cranks. 
Park Tool Cone Wrench/Spanner

from $18.00

The standard of the industry, Park Tool Shop Cone Wrenches are unmatched in quality and performance. The special Y head design puts more material where it's needed for strength and durability. Precision sizing and a military grade industrial phosphate finish ensure an accurate fit and consistent quality. Thin enough to...
Park Tool FR-5.2G Cassette Lockring Remover with Guide


FR-5.2G CASSETTE LOCKRING REMOVER WITH GUIDE PIN Heat treated alloy tool steel, one-inch base fits wrench or bench vice. Thin wall construction allows use without removal of cones and locknuts. The FR-5.2G has 12 splines that are approximately 23.4mm across. FEATURES Fits Shimano®, SRAM® (including 1x), SunRace®, SunTour®, Chris King® and...
BBB BTL-77 Linkfix Chain Link Remover/Install


Chain link tool with dual function. Opens and closes links.
Weldtite Cyclo Shimano (HG) Cassette Lockring Remover


Shimano HG Cassette Remover ToolWorkshop quality tool by Cyclo Fits all Shimano & SRAM cassettes Also suitable for Rockshox Air side top caps and OneUp Components EDC Top Cap   Please note:-You will also require a chain whip to remove your cassette(these are available to purchase separately)This is for cassettes...
Lezyne 8mm Classix Hex Rod


Style, function and quality to enhance any tool collection. The Classic Hex Rod will instantly enhance any tool collection with its style, function and quality. It features a high strength, extremely hard chrome-vanadium steel and is treated with a super durable chrome finish. The long leverage design is optimized with...
BBB 9 Piece Hexset


9-piece L-shaped hex wrenches set. Ball end for hard to reach bolt heads and a straight tip on the short arm for high torque applications. Comes with a handy portable tool organizer, numbered for easy access and storage. Made from industrial quality steel. Includes 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8,...
BBB Powerpull Crank Puller


Separates the crank from the bike's bottom bracket. Due to the removable cap the pulley can be used on all over-sized spindles. Without the cap the tool can be used on all standard spindles. Weight: 92g. Height x width x length: 22 x 22 x 62mm.
PRO Pedal 15mm Wrench Tool


PRO by Shimano Dual compound handle for extra grip and comfort Handle under angle for safe and easy use 15mm
Park Tool Chain Wear Indicator


A worn chain shifts poorly and wears sprockets at an accelerated rate. The CC-3.2 is a go/no-go gauge designed to accurately indicate when a chain reaches .5% and .75%, the points at which most chain manufacturers suggest replacement. For 9 and 10-speed chains, replace chain just as the gauge fits...
Park Tool FR-3 Freewheel Remover Suntour 4-Notch


FR-3 FREEWHEEL REMOVER FOR SUN TOUR Fits all Sun Tour four notch freewheels since 1986. Heat treated alloy tool steel, one-inch base fits wrench or bench vice. Thin wall construction allows use without removal of cones and locknuts.Always use a skewer or axle nut to hold the tool in place...
Feedback Sports Steel Core Tyre Levers


Our Steel Core Tire Levers have a hardened CRV tool steel center to prevent flex and breakage. And when getting your tire off is an extra big chore, each lever has a spoke attachment to help you get maximum leverage and secure removal. Add to this an additional polymer tab...
BBB Campagnolo Bottom Bracket / Cassette Lockring Remover


Extremely durable hardened steel.   Offers the perfect balance of strength and stiffness. Can also be used as a lock-ring remover. Kraton grip gives a firm hold.
PRO Disc Brake Piston Lever


Dual compound handle for extra grip and comfort For all disc brake systems
Ontrack Heavy Duty HG/IG/UG Chain Breaker


The Ontrack chain breaker deluxe is a high quality Cro-Mo heat-treated tool designed to be used on all HG, IG and UG chains. The handy chain retainer makes the tool a breeze to use and the double ended chain pin increases the life of the tool. A replacement pin is also now...
Lifu Tool 33/34mm Headset Wrenches


33/34mm Headset Wrench. Suitable for bikes or some scooters.
Park Tool FR-5.2GT Cassette Lockring Remover with 12mm Guide


Heat treated alloy tool steel, one inch base fits wrench or bench vise. The FR-5.2GT is designed specifically for use when removing and installing cassette lockrings from thru axle hubs.  FR-5.2GT FEATURES:-  Utilizes a 12mm guide pin to stabilize the tool in use Fits 12-spline cassette lockrings from Shimano®, SRAM®...
BBB Turntable Chain Whip

from $31.90

Efficiently holds the sprockets when removing the cassette lock-ring. Also removes sprockets from a freewheel. Extremely durable hardened steel.  Offers the perfect balance of strength and stiffness. 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed compatible.
BBB BTL-12S Shimano Cassette Lockring Remover


Removes cassette lockring from Shimano-compatible cassettes and centre lock hub system.
IceToolz Quartet 4/5/6/8mm Hex Wrench


Practical mulitool with fold away 4 x 5 x 6 x 8mm allen Keys Flexible tool  Long reach
BBB Hi Torque Pedal Wrench


BBB - Hi-Torque Pedal Wrench (15mm) Long handle (33cm) Ergonomic pedal wrench to remove and replace your pedals quickly and easily. Extra wide hooks, very strong. Extremely durable hardened steel. Offers the perfect balance of strength and stiffness.
Ontrack 9 Piece Coloured Allen Key Set


Super handy, coloured, ball ended Allen key set. Contains 1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10mm Allen Keys.
Park Tool CC-4 Chain Wear Indicator/Checker


The CC-4 is a drop-in style gauge that measures bicycle chain wear. The laser cut CC-4 accurately measures a long section of chain and strategically comes in contact with the chain in three places, quickly and easily taking the guesswork out of knowing when chain replacement is necessary. A worn...
BBB Chaingrip Quick Release Chain Holder


Quick Release Chain Holder for storage or transport.  Keeps the chain under tension when the wheel is removed. Easy transportation and cleaning. 135 mm MTB version with disc brake pad adapter - keeps the brake pads in place when the disc is removed. You can also use this for rim...
Park BB Tool Lockring/ISIS/Shimano


The BBT-18 is a heavy duty, investment cast tool for installing and removing the following eight-notch bottom bracket cups: Shimano Octalink right cup with external notches ISIS Drive The BBT-18 has 8 notches with an outside diameter of nominally 43.4mm. The inside-to-inside width is approximately 38mm. Each notch is approximately...
Ritchey 6 Piece 5Nm Torque Key


Properly install your carbon bars and stem without fear of over-tightened bolts. The torque key is calibrated with an indication you both feel and hear. Now available with interchangeable bits in popular sizes. 5Nm 6 Bits - The smartest, most convenient torque key now comes with bits to suit every...
Specialized Torque Wrench

$70.00 $44.99

Preset torque wrench for your home workshop.  SBC torque wrenches are preset to the exact torque specs need for the different fasteners found on Specialized bikes. Ergonomic handles provide a perfect grip.   46 in-lbf (5.1 Nm) is used on Road and MTB 4-bolt stems, Shiv and Shiv TT seat collars, MTB...

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