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Specialized Gear

For the first time in New Zealand, Specialized products are available to buy online. Free urban shipping over $50.
Specialized Recon 2.0 Mountain Bike Shoes


Just because winning an XC World Cup isn’t on your to-do list, doesn’t mean you don’t value performance and comfort. Recon 2.0 is your shoe. Inspired by S-Works Recon, with Body Geometry comfort and efficiency, Recon 2.0 puts all that performance within easy reach. • Body Geometry sole and footbed...
Specialized Boardwalk Purist Water Bottle 650ml


Limited design release. 650ml in the popular Purist bottle and WaterGate Cap. The Purist WaterGate Bottle features an amorphous silicon dioxide coating that's infused into the inner-wall of the bottle. Essentially, this forms a glass-like finish that provides a totally natural, and completely inert, solution to the problem of your drinks...
Specialized Turbo Levo & Kenevo Gen 2 Battery with RockGuard

$1,200.00 from $900.00

The Custom Li-Ion Turbo Levo Battery has the options of either a 700 or 500 Wh capacity and works with all 2019 Turbo Levo models. It has a protective rock guard and all of the hardware required for installation. Longer rides await 700 or 500 Wh capacity. Easily removable and...
Specialized Switch Combo Headlight/Taillight


A true two-in-one, the Stix Switch comes at you with a dual-minded design, flipping between red or white modes depending on the needs of your ride. Simply press and hold the button and you can go from a bright red taillight to a simple white headlight in seconds. Increase visibility...
Specialized Hydrogen Vent Tall Socks


New model in January 2020. Mesh knit structure in the cuff provides the highest level of breathability for even the hottest rides. VaporRize™ Hydrogen yarns are extremely lightweight and soft against the skin, placing an emphasis on moisture transfer and minimizing friction. PowerBand mid-foot arch supports the foot and secures...
Specialized Soft Air Road Tall Socks


New in January 2020. Your feet deserve the best, and when it comes to socks, there's no better way to treat them than with a pair of our Soft Air Road Socks. They're constructed from Soft Air Vaporize yarns that transfer moisture like the best in the business. And while...
Specialized 2FO Clip 2.0 MTB Shoe (2020)


Born from the needs of our professional downhill racers (Loïc/Finn/Miller), we designed and built the 2FO Clip 2.0 for one purpose—to win races. Premium downhill and trail shoes need to be more than just protective and stiff, though. They also have to be lighter, faster-drying, and be secure both in...
Specialized Atlas XC Pro Shorts

$240.00 $160.00

Special Buy In. Were $240. Now $160 for Pro level Shorts and SWAT Bibs. SWAT Bibs are $140 by themselves. VaporRize™ woven fabrics are highly stretchable, lightweight, and durable, while retaining a heightened focus on moisture management to leave you cool, dry, and comfortable out on the trail. Two zippered...
Specialized Burra Burra Framepack 8L

$150.00 $99.00

The Burra Burra Framepack 8 is the largest in our line, measuring out to an ample 50x5.5x15cm. It features a strong, reliable, and sturdy six-point attachment system, flush with coated webbing and camlocks. The pack itself is constructed from coated nylon, so it's highly resistant to inclement weather, while its...
Specialized Air Tool Comp V2 Floor Pump


Everybody needs a floor pump in their home, but not just any floor pump will do. You need something that's dependable, versatile, and accurate, like our new Air Tool Comp. It checks all the boxes with a dual-stage pressure gauge that delivers the low-pressure accuracy that your mountain bike tires...
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