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Shimano Dura-Ace PD-R9100 SPD-SL Carbon Road Pedal


The lightest, most efficient Dura-Ace pedal ever created By re-examining every aspect of previous Dura-Ace SPD-SL pedals, Shimano was able to save 24.5g with the new 9100 pedals while still providing legendary SPD efficiency, stability, and durability. They feature hollow cleat bolts and an open layout for efficient power transfer...
Shimano XTR Trail PD-M9120 SPD MTB Pedal


A wider contact area on the new M9120 trail and enduro pedals improves stability while the expanded rearward shoe-pedal contact area better accommodates the sneaker-style flat outsoles used in enduro and gravity riding. The Rider Tuned 1 mm cleat spacer creates a better interface with shoes of varying outsole design...
Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000 SPD-SL Carbon Road Pedal


Pro-level performance and lightweight for the enthusiast.To match the stiffness of the FC-R8000 Hollowtech II crankset, there is no better option than the lightweight PD-R8000 pedal. Its carbon-composite body and extra-wide platform will give you the transfer of power you need. Features: Pro-level performance and lightweight for the enthusiast  The legacy...
Shimano XTR XC PD-M9100 SPD MTB Pedal / Standard Axle


The new M9100 XC pedals improve rider stability with wider edge-to-edge contact areas while improving mud shedding through rounded contact points and off-set bindings. FEATURE  Wider edge-to-edge contact area provides a solid pedal-shoe interface and transmits power efficiently Cylindrical contact area sheds mud better for consistent stepping-in & out 2...
Deity TMAC Tyler McCaul Pedal


The Tyler McCaul Signature Pedal-  Extruded and Machined from Deity molds and 6061 T6 aluminum-  The largest Deity pedal to date-  110mm x 105mm footprint-  Super concave 2.5mm deep pedal profile per side-  14mm thin at the center-  Symmetrical pedal profile for added foot support and stability-  Dual sided pins...
Specialized Boomslang Platform Flat Pedal


Boomslang pedals are designed to provide riders ultimate connectivity in a low profile package. Super slick, patent pending, spindle design. Super Lo-Profile design; true, 10mm thickness at center. Custom undercut pins provide “clip in” style grip and easy removal. Pedal body carriers four hidden pins for easy replacement of broken...
Shimano Saint PD-M820 SPD MTB Pedal


FEATURES Wider contact area enhances stability in combination with AM shoes Thinner pedal body for lower stack height and improved obstacle clearance Non-pop-up alloy pedal body for simplicity and durability Durable, yet slimmer chrome-moly spindle with 8 mm hex wrench mount Four height adjustable pins per side for improved grip...
Shimano Saint PD-M828 Platform Pedal


SAINT PD-M828 Flat Pedal The Shimano PD-M828 is the ultimate pedal for trails and jumps, where optimum grip and robustness are essential - and this is exactly where the platform pedal with 12 changeable pins per side convinces. In addition to the concave contact area, the pins in the middle...
Shimano 105 PD-R7000 SPD-SL Carbon Road Pedal


Featuring a sealed cartridge mechanism, the Shimano 105 R7000 SPD-SL Road Pedals are perfect for four-season riding. Combining a carbon fibre body and stainless steel cover, these premium pedals balance low weight with durability, while the cleat retention adjuster allows you to tailor the cleat tension to your own personal...
OneUp Components Aluminium Pedals


  VITAL-MTB 4.5/5 Star Review. “With a thin and wide design that provides plenty of grip and stability, the OneUp aluminum pedals offers great performance in a durable and easy to maintain package” The OneUp Aluminum Pedals features a huge (115x105mm) super grippy platform with 10 rear-loading hexagonal steel pins...
Shimano Deore XT Trail PD-M8120 SPD MTB Pedal


PD-M8120 Enduro/Trail SPD Pedal FEATURES Wider and longer pedal–shoe contact area transmits power efficiently and improves bike control Fine-tuned to work efficiently with ME and AM series Off-Road shoes Integrated cage protects binding from impacts and acts as a guide to make stepping-in easier 1.0 mm cleat spacers included BENEFITS...
Shimano Deore XT XC PD-M8100 SPD MTB Pedal


The new M8100 pedals are more cross-country oriented, offering great rider stability with wider edge-to-edge contact areas while improving mud shedding through rounded contact points and off-set bindings. -        Wider edge-to-edge platform -        Step in and out consistency -        Offset binding for improved mud shedding
Shimano 105 PD-5800 SPD-SL Carbon Pedal


PD-5800 FROM CLUB RIDING TO SERIOUS RIDING FEATURES Carbon-composite body Extra-wide platform for maximum efficient transfer of power Durable stainless steel body plate reduces flex and pedal body wear Wide bearing placement for stable, uniform load distribution Customize the entry and release tension settings The legacy of SHIMANO design, quality...
Deity Black Kat Pedal


All new BLACK KAT platform pedals Extruded and CNC Machined 6061 T6 - Aluminum Pedal Body 100mm x 100mm Platform Concave Body Deity Proprietary Extrusion Fully Serviceable DU Bushing and Double Micro Sealed Bearing System Intended Use: Downhill, FR/DJ, Enduro, All Mountain Bead blast ano finish for durability Full Ano color...
Shimano PD-R550 SPD-SL Resin Road Pedal


If you’re after low maintenance pedals that have increased stability and improved power transfer, then the PD-R550 SPD SL Road pedals should be your first choice! The Shimano R550 pedals are a feature packed, resin bodied road model that sits below Shimano's new 105 5700-C. They’re perfect for the weekend...
Shimano XT Race PD-M8000 SPD MTB Pedal


Shimano invented SPD to meet the needs of a growing frontier lifestyle called MTB, so you wouldn't expect anything but the best from their latest XT pedal.Flaunting a new design, The Shimano XT PD-M8000 XC Pedals PD-M8000’s features a 2.8mm wider platform that increases stability compared to the previous generation...
Shimano PD-EH500 SPD Touring/E-Bike Pedal


PD-EH500 - Popular pedal with Clip on one side and flat on the other. FEATURES One side SPD, the other side flat Light action binding makes frequent stepping-in & out easier Better grip on flat side for wet condition BENEFITS Convenient road touring pedal Optimized for urban riding Colour:  Black...
Deity Deftrap Pedal


With a focus on ride quality, increased foot support, added stability, leading traction and the ability to skim over rocks all offered in 10 colours… Built around a true concave profile that your feet sink into with DEITY's signature non-offset symmetrical platform for increased stability behind the spindle, 10 total...
Shimano PD-GR500 Flat Platform Pedal


The Shimano PD-GR500 pedal is ideal as an entry-level model for trail and all-mountain riders. There are three different height settings for the 9 pedal pins. Instead of using grub screws as traction pins—which allow for infinitely adjustable height but are highly susceptible to damage—the GR500 uses T15 set screws. Height...
Shimano PD-RS500 SPD-SL Road Pedals


The Shimano PD-RS500 SPD-SL pedal features a lighter spring tension optimized for beginner riders and a larger entry target what makes it not only but especially suitable for beginner riders. A wider contact area guarantees optimum power transfer while a durable stainless steel body plate reduces flex and pedal body...
Race Face Chester Composite Pedal

$104.95 $99.00

A new addition to the Race Face flat pedal line up: the Chester Pedal. This tough and burly nylon composite body provides a large platform with the same grip as traditional alloy pedals via the bottom loading 8 hex traction pins per side. Thin and lightweight is the name of the game with Chester, featuring a cro-mo axle that...
Burgtec Mk4 Composit Flat Pedal


Everything you’d expect from a Burgtec pedal but at a more affordable price point. Uncompromised grip, rugged durability, the exact same sculpted simple lines, fully backed up with spares and at an affordable price. The best of both worlds can exist. 16mm Profile1mm DishNylon and Fibreglass BodySCM415 Cromo AxleAll replaceable...
Shimano PD-M540 SPD MTB Pedal


With a lightweight compact design the double-sided PD-M540 pedal from Shimano will put you at the sharp end of the pack everytime.  Built on Shimano’s legacy of Quality, Dependability & Endurance, they feature proven designs that work in real world conditions like the open binding mechanism, easy step-in and step-out, and...
Deity Compound V2 Pedal


- Incredibly lightweight Injection Molded Nylon Fiber Composite Body- Replaceable Cr-mo Pins- Super thin profile- DU bushing and double micro sealed bearing system- Not the average plastic disposable pedal...the Compound pedals are fully sealed, rebuildable, thin, and offer the same grip as a traditional aluminum pedal- Nylon Fiber blend does...
OneUp Components Composite Pedal


The OneUp Composite Pedals features a huge (115x105mm) super grippy platform with 10 rear-loading steel pins per side to keep your feet planted on even the roughest of trails. With a weight of only 355g, they won't slow you down on the climbs. Designed from stealth rubber down and shaped...
Shimano PD-M530 SPD MTB Trail/Caged Pedal

$94.99 $69.99

Originally designed for the rigors of BMX racing, these have become popular options for many types of cycling. SPD efficiency combined with larger pedalling platforms for added stability & control. The PD-M530 incorporates trickle down technology from the flagship XTR Trail pedals, with easy entry, and secure pedalling, and careful...
Race Face Ride Composite Pedal


The Ride pedal features a slim nylon composite platform, available in a set of 9 vibrant colour options and offers a concave and lightweight design for legitimate performance. Molded traction pins and give you all the grip you need without risk of damaging your shoes or shins. Its durable Cro-Mo...
Shimano SM-SH11 SPD-SL Yellow Cleats / 6 Degree Float


The extra-wide low-profile design of the SPD-SL cleat and binding mechanism creates a highly stable interface between the shoe and pedal. No wasted movement. No loss to flex, voids or mismatched shoe/pedal designs. It’s why so many Pro Tour and serious riders use SPD-SL Features : Floating design Fits SPD-SL...
Ontrack 9/16" MTB Alloy Platform Pedal with Replaceable Pins / Black


ONTRACK - REPLACEABLE PIN PLATFORM Full alloy platform 9/16" pedal with replaceable pins Reflectors on each side of the pedal for better visibility Suitable for BMX and MTB
Look Keo Grey 4.5 Degree Cleats

from $40.00

Look Keo 4.5° Grey Cleats in Standard or Grip Version. Key Features Material: Polyoxymethylene and TPU Angular float: 4.5° Adjustment:  Lateral: 4mm, Longitude: 12mm Weight: 68g (pair with bolts) Includes: 6 bolts & 6 washers STANDARD KÉO The standard Kéo has been developed with the goal of minimizing weight and a...
Look Keo Red 9 Degree Cleat

from $40.00

Look Keo Standard or Grip Version. STANDARD KÉO The standard Kéo has been developed with the goal of minimizing weight and a simplified cleat and pedal ensemble, while maintaining compatibility with all shoes on the market.The kinematics function is identical to the standard DELTA pedal. Cleat entry and release is...
Shimano SM-SH12 SPD-SL Blue Cleats / 2 Degree Front Pivot Centre


Front pivot centre. Replacement cleats for Shimano SPD-SL Pedals. The extra-wide low-profile design of the SPD-SL cleat and binding mechanism creates a highly stable interface between the shoe and pedal. No wasted movement. No loss to flex voids or mismatched shoe/pedal designs. It’s why so many Pro Tour and serious...

Showing: 1 - 32 of 44