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Slickoleum (aka Slick Honey) Light Grease

from $9.99

Slickoleum is a multi-purpose grease for fork seals, o-rings, linear slides, bearings and chassis applications. This grease offers excellent low temperature pumpability and low temperature protection. • Suspension Grease• Great for O-rings & Seals• Reduces Friction & Static Drag• Stays Were You Put It• Resistant To Water Washout Slickoleum Light...
Rockshox Suspension Oil

from $11.00

SRAM 0W 30 120ml BOTTLE RockShox Suspension Oil, 0W-30, 120ml Bottle - Pike/Revelation 2018+/Lyrik B1/Yari/SID 2020+ Lower Legs SRAM 10wt SUSPENSION FLUID 120ml BOTTLE RockShox Suspension Oil, 10wt, 120ml Bottle  SRAM 15wt LOWER LEG FLUID 120ml BOTTLE RockShox Suspension Oil, 15wt, 120ml Bottle - Lower Legs   Please refer to...
Rockshox Reverb Oil 120Ml


RockShox Reverb Hydraulic Fluid, 120ml Bottle - Reverb/Sprint Remote.
Whistler Performance Lubricants Forkboost Lube 120ml


An instant bicycle suspension performance booster. WPL ForkBoost lubricates and cleans bicycle suspension seals to eliminate stiction, remove dirt, and lengthen lifetime of the seal. Apply ForkBoost externally to the dust seals of bike suspension by coating the stanchion, pumping the suspension, and wiping away extracted dirt. ForkBoost is fully...
Grease SRAM/Rockshox Butter 29ml/10oz


SRAM BUTTER Friction reducing Grease Fork Bushings, Shock Seals and More. Recommended for X0 hub pawls, Pike and Reverb Service 
Juice Lubes Fork Juice 400ml


Spray this onto your forks stanchions, the shaft of your rear shock, to help keep those all important supension units running silky smooth.Fork Juice is where it all started for Juice Lubes and since releasing the product in 2009 we have sold tens of thousands of units to happy and...
Rockshox Bottomless Ring Kit


RockShox Bottomless Rings for Monarch/Vivid Air RockShox 11.4118.042.000 Bottomless Ring Kit:- 9-Piece  Volume spacers to modify the air spring characteristics of RockShox Monarch/Vivid Air dampers from model year 2011. Fits:- Monarch Monarch Plus Vivid Air
Rockshox 32mm x 10mm Flanged Dust Seal/Foam Rings / Pair


Genuine replacement seals for Rockshox Forks. Black - 32mm - Dust Wipers/10mm Foam Rings - Suits Argyle, Sektor, BoXXer 06-09, Pike (up to 2012), Reba up to 2009, Recon, Revelation, Tora, SID 08-09, XC32. Kit includes 2 x Flanged Wiper Seals and 2 x Thick Foam Rings that usually replace...
Rockshox 32mm SKF Dust Seal/Foam Rings / Pair


Genuine replacement seals for Rockshox Forks. Black - 32mm - Dust Wipers/4mm Foam Rings Kit Contains 2 x Wiper Seals and 2 x Foam Rings.  For use on Rockshox SID RLC A1/SID XX/RL B1 (2017+) SRAM Part Number - 11.4018.028.016
Rockshox Zeb (A1+/2021+) Short Fender / Black


Don't let the weather get in the way of winning. The new RockShox branded ZEB short fender is designed to keep you dry and clean when the weather turns. It can be easily installed at two points and looks as if your fork and fender are one, leaving your competitors...
Fox 32mm SKF Dust Wiper Seal Kit / Low Fiction / No Flange

$69.99 $49.99

Genuine Fox Racing fork dust wiper/foam ring kit. Increases durability and extends service life. New Improved Low friction performance seal designed with a dual lip wiper to keep contaminates out. New foam rings to lubricate fork inside. Kit includes. 2 Dust wiper/oil seals  2 Foam lubricating rings  3 crush washers (Including 1...
Rockshox MY21 DebonAir C1 35mm Seal Head/Base Nut Upgrade Kit


Genuine Rockshox Air spring sealhead upgrade kit for 2018 onwards Pike, Revelation, Yari and Lyrik 35mm forks. updates the air shaft to the current model of debonair (c1). Must already have RED baseplate.  Includes the negative air seal head (RED) and base nut (RED) and quad seal for main air piston.  Maintains...
Fox Rebuild Kit for FLOAT Line Rear Shocks - 803-00-142


Fox Rebuild Kit for FLOAT Line Rear Shocks - 803-00-142 Fox service kit for Float Line air sprung shocks from model 2000. Including seals, 5ml shock oil float fluid, q-rings and o-rings. For the shock service for all Fox Racing Shox Float, RP, DHX Air models (model year 2000 -...
FOX 36-38 Standard Mudguard 2021-2023


FOX mudguard designed specifically for the new 2021-2023 Fox 36 and 38 with Lower Leg Pressure Relief Buttons.  Proprietary and sturdy 4-point direct-mount attachment. Features 4-point direct mounting Protects stanchions and seals Composite material Compatible with 27.5" and 29" forks For 2021 Fox 36 & 38 fork models Colour:  Black...
Shockwiz Hire


We have the ShockWiz available to hire at very good rates. Price includes 2 units for a week including courier. We offer flexible rental periods to fit around your riding and we have created our own instructions/tip sheet from our experience to make it easier.  We rent a pair of...
Rockshox ZEB SKF Dust/Wiper Seal Upgrade Kit


Fork Dust Wiper upgrade and service Kit 38mm Black Flangeless Ultra-low Friction SKF Seals for ZEB (A+/2021+).  Upgrade your suspension fork with ultra-low friction wiper seals providing unmatched suspension feel, all while keeping the dirt where it belongs - On the outside. Kits includes: SKF low friction dust wiper seals Foam rings...
Rockshox Pike/Revelation MY21 DebonAir C1 Upgrade Kit


This particular version is the full DebonAir C1 Air Spring upgrade kit specifically designed Pike B1+ and Revelation A1+ forks 2018 and newer. Rockshox has continued to raise the bar in how their suspension performs. That didn't change for the 2021 model year! Something that many riders has been looking...
Rockshox Lyrik/Yari MY21 DebonAir C1 Upgrade Kit


With the new, friction-reducing DebonAir air spring, the current forks and dampers respond more sensitively and smoothly than ever before in the history of RockShox. It offers you maximum traction under all conceivable conditions. An optimally adjusted chamber volume always leaves your fork high in the spring travel and thus...
Rockshox ZEB MY21 DebonAir C1 Upgrade Kit


RockShox Service Spring Kit - DebonAir air spring unit.Specifications:-- Type: Spring Kit- Travel: 160 mm- Suitable for the ZEBRockshox Fork Spring DebonAir C1 Zeb are available in different sizes.
Rockshox Super Delux Select+ 205x60 Trunnion Shock - SPECIAL


Taken off a Brand New 2021 Specialized Enduro Comp out of the box by Specialized NZ. Rockshox Super Delux Select+ Eye to Eye / Stroke: 205x60 Trunnion  RX Tuned for Specialized Enduro Super Deluxe Select+ is built for the latest breed of hard hitting enduro and trail bikes. Offering the...
Rockshox Zeb Charger R E-MTB Fork


New 38mm chassis for increased stiffness and rider confidence Charger Technology – The New Charger™ R damper features factory tuned compression with easy to adjust rebound Highly-tunable DebonAir™ air spring offers a buttery smooth feel off the top and maintains a higher ride height for increased confidence in steep terrain...
Rockshox Zeb Ultimate Charger 2.1 RC2 Fork


ZEB Ultimate is a whole new breed of fork, designed to challenge the limits and take on the world’s toughest Enduro tracks. Going Ultimate has its advantages. Featuring an all-new stiff 38mm chassis designed with the Charger 2.1 damper, DebonAir™ air spring technology, SKF Wiper Seals, and Maxima Plush Fluid....