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Avid 160mm Rear Disc Brake Bracket


Older style Avid 20IS Brake Adapter. For 160mm Rotor on rear on older 140mm Post Mounts. No bolts.
Avid CPS Disc Brake Hardware / 160mm


Avid CPS Post 160mm Rear Bolt Kit. Part Number: 00.5315.030.020
Shimano Alivio SM-RT54 Brake Rotor / Centre-Lock

from $30.00

Shimano brake disc SM-RT54 Centre-Lock - only for organic pads   The Shimano SM-RT54 brake disc is compatible with organic brake pads with a wide pad shape. It consists of a stainless steel body on aluminum spider and comes with a lock ring that has the classic internal teeth. Use...
Shimano Alivio SM-RT56 Brake Rotor / 6-Bolt

from $30.00

Shimano brake disc SM-RT56 6-hole - heat treated and polished   The Shimano SM-RT56 6-hole brake disc is made of one-piece molded stainless steel that has also been heat-treated and polished. It is available in 160 mm and 180 mm diametre and can be used for Deore and many other...
Shimano Deore SM-RT64 Brake Rotor / Centre-Lock


Shimano brake disc SM-RT64 Centre-Lock for Deore   The Shimano SM-RT64 brake disc with internal teeth (Internal Serration) has long proven itself in use on Centre-Lock hubs. It is made of stainless steel with an aluminum spider (2-part design) and comes with either a silver or black lock ring. Use...
Shimano Deore XT SM-MT800 Ice-Tech Freeza Brake Rotor / Centre-Lock

from $99.00

The Shimano Deore XT RT-MT800 brake disc uses the successful Ice-Technologies Freeza design to decrease the temperatures while braking what results in a consistent braking performance even in the most demanding conditions and increases the brake pad's lifetime as well. The basis of the construction is the disc's so called...
Shimano Disc Brake Adapter Front/Rear Post

from $20.00

Adaptor to use a larger brake disc in combination with a Postmount fork or frame and a Postmount brake. The included washers are surface-treated (silver) and will not rust. 
Shimano Dura-Ace SM-RT900 Ice-Tech Freeza Brake Rotor / Centre-Lock


Shimano brake disc SM-RT900 Centre-Lock for Dura Ace - especially for BR-R9170 The SM-RT900 brake disc was specially designed by Shimano for the Dura Ace BR-R9170 disc brake, but it is also compatible with other flat mount and even MTB brakes. The enlarged adapter between the braking surface and the...
Shimano RT-EM900 Ice-Tech STEPS Brake Rotor w/Magnet / Centre-Lock


Shimano Centre-Lock brake disc RT-EM910 - constant performance for STEPS The Shimano RT-EM910 Centre-Lock brake disc was developed for e-bike riders with STEPS motors who demand maximum braking performance and heat control. Thanks to the Ice-Tech FREEZA sandwich composite, RT-EM910 perfectly dissipates the heat generated and thus contributes to constant...
Shimano SLX/Deore SM-RT66 Brake Rotor / 6-Bolt

from $35.00

Shimano brake disc SM-RT66 - 6-hole for SLX/Deore and other brakes   Shimano SM-RT66 is a 6-hole brake disc that is available in diameters from 160 to 203 mm. It has a one-piece design and is made of stainless steel. The brake disc at SLX level can also be used...
Shimano SM-RT99 Ice-Tech Freeza Brake Rotor / Centre-Lock

$110.00 $93.50

Shimano brake disc SM-RT99 Centre-Lock for Saint, XTR, Road - with composite construction The Shimano SM-RT99 brake disc consists of a stainless steel-aluminum-stainless steel sandwich composite. Thanks to this Ice-Tech FREEZA construction, it dissipates the heat even better than the previous model. The SM-RT99 brake discs can be used with...
Shimano Ultegra SM-RT800 Ice-Tech Freeza Brake Rotor / Centre-Lock


Shimano brake disc SM-RT800 Centre-Lock for Ultegra - the maximum of heat dissipation The Shimano SM-RT800 brake disc inspires with Ice Tech FREEZA, an absolutely superior technology for optimal heat dissipation and dirt repellency. It is made up of three parts: two stainless steel layers enclose an aluminum core. SM-RT800...
Shimano XT SM-RT81 Ice-Tech Brake Rotor / Centre-Lock

from $70.00

Shimano SM-RT81 Center Lock brake rotor for XT - for high braking performance. The Shimano SM-RT81 brake rotor guarantees very high performance thanks to Ice Technology. The temperatures that occur during braking and thus the risk of fading are significantly reduced. The SM-RT81 brake rotors are compatible with numerous MTB,...
Shimano XT SM-RT86 Ice-Tech Brake Rotor / 6-Bolt

from $79.99

Shimano brake disc SM-RT86 6-hole for XT - with Ice-Tech The Shimano SM-RT86 is a two-piece brake disc that guarantees very high performance thanks to Ice Tech. It is suitable for sintered and organic brake pads. Use the SM-RT86 brake discs with XTR, XT, Saint, SLX, Deore and many other...
Shimano XTR/Saint RT-MT900 Ice-Tech Freeza Brake Rotor / Centre-Lock

from $120.00

The XTR RT-MT900 brake disc from Shimano - optimized in every respect The Shimano RT-MT900 brake disc was designed and developed based on the successful Ice Tech FREEZA rotors. In the 140mm and 160mm versions, which are aimed particularly at cross-country riders, a weight reduction of 5 and 10 g...
SRAM / Avid 20IS Bracket Brake Adapter


Avid 20IS Disc Brake Adapter. Includes Stainless Bolts For Front 180, Rear 160  Part Number: 00.5318.009.001     
SRAM 40P Disc Brake Adapter Bracket / 200mm


SRAM Post Adapter Bracket - 40P. For use with Post style tabs Allows you to run 200mm rotors on 160 post mounts, or 180mm on older 140mm post mounts. Includes Stainless Mounting Bolts Part Number:  00.5318.007.003
SRAM Centreline Brake Rotor / 6-Bolt

from $95.00

The new Centerline Rotor was designed to keep the center of friction consistent throughout rotation thereby minimizing vibration offering consistent performance and a quiet ride. Available in 160/170/180/200mm. Hub Interface:  6 Bolt  
SRAM Centreline X Brake Rotor / 6-Bolt

from $125.00

CenterLine X rotors are the lighter weight version of SRAM's quiet, smooth, and robust CenterLine rotors. The CenterLine X rotor features a two-piece design with an alloy center and steel brake track. Rounded edges make for easier wheel installs and are UCI-compliant. FEATURES Lightweight, two-piece design Rounded edges are UCI-compliant...
SRAM Centreline X Brake Rotor / Centre-Lock

from $125.00

CenterLine X rotors are the lighter-weight version of SRAM’s quiet, smooth and robust CenterLine rotors, featuring a two-piece design with an alloy center and steel brake track. Available in Center Lock option below. Features Lightweight, two-piece design Rounded edges are UCI-compliant and allow for easier wheel installs Compatible with both...
SRAM Centreline XR Brake Rotor


CentreLine XR Rotor The SRAM CenterLine XR rotor works in tandem with the SRAM eTap AXS™ drivetrain. It's designed specifically for road riding - and to keep braking quiet at every stop.  Streamlined form optimized for road use CenterLine track offers quiet brake operation Two-piece design reduces weight Specifications for...
SRAM Paceline Rounded Brake Rotor

from $86.00

The SRAM Paceline Rounded brake disc with Centre-Lock and 6 Bolt mounting provides ideal ventilation and counteracts noise generation. The elegant design fits perfectly with the eTap AXS Road groups. - design for road use- quiet braking thanks to Paceline braking surface SRAM's Paceline Rounded Brake brake rotor - for...