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Giant Numen Combo 3


Giant Numen Combo Battery Light Set. Includes batteries. Front Light  Output: 5 bright LEDs, 60 lumens Modes: 3, high / mid / flash Power: 3 x AAA batteries Run time: Up to 120 hrs Mount: Rotational 3 position mount Rear Light Output: 5 bright LEDs, 20 lumens Modes: 2, steady...
Ontrack Glare LED Front & Rear Light Set


The Ontrack Glare lights provide great safety and visibility on the roads. The Glare front is a 2 function, 3 LED light with a battery life of up to 150hrs while the Glare rear is a 6 function, 5 LED light that is visible up to 800mtrs, is water resistant and has...
Ontrack Nano Flash 2 LED Front or Rear Light


A small innovative super bright light that can be either a front white light or a rear red light, the choice is yours. Can be strapped almost anywhere and comes with long lasting lithium batteries.
Specialized Stix Switch 2-Pack


With the Stix Switch 2-Pack, your lighting options are endless. How? The Stix Switch features the ability to switch between red and white modes with a simple, long press of the power button. So, if you need extra light up front, more visibility at the rear, or a traditional front/rear...
Specialized Switch Combo Headlight/Taillight


A true two-in-one, the Stix Switch comes at you with a dual-minded design, flipping between red or white modes depending on the needs of your ride. Simply press and hold the button and you can go from a bright red taillight to a simple white headlight in seconds. Increase visibility...