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Shimano SM-BD-Oil Mineral Brake Fluid

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Shimano Mineral Brake Fluid is the suitable brake fluid for all Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, whether MTB, Road or City & Touring. Since it does not bind water, mineral oil has the advantage over DOT of longer constant quality - you do not have to replace it as often. Specifications:- *Stock...
SRAM DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid / 120ml


DOT 5.1 brake fluid is compatible with all SRAM and Avid hydraulic disc brakes. The 5.1 has a really high boiling point so you won't have to change the fluid as quickly as some other fluids. The small 4oz bottle is perfect for home use and even on the go. Keep...
Shimano BL-M575/SM-DISC Brake Bleed Funnel with Oil Stopper


Shimano Oil funnel & oil stopper for Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. This unusual funnel/stopper kit is needed in conjunction with a Shimano bleed kit to bleed Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. Genuine Shimano bleed tool for maintaining your Shimano hydraulic Disc brake system.
BBB Disc Brake Bleed Kit / Shimano/SRAM/Magura


Disc brake bleed kit. For Avid, Shimano, Magura, Hayes and older Sram (no bleeding egde tool). Suitable for DOT and Mineral Oil. Set contains; three syringes, waste bottle, hoses, adapters and closing clips.
Shimano TL-BT03S Disc Brake Bleed Kit with Funnel/Syringe


Shimano TL-BT03S Disc brake bleeding kit with syringe and reservoir funnel includes: Master cylinder oil funnel and syringe bleed tool with caliper attachment. This kit has been specifically designed for one way bleeding systems of the current generation. Shimano recommend that you only use genuine Shimano hydraulic mineral oil in...
SRAM Professional DOT Bleed Kit


SRAM PRO BLEED KIT SRAM'S Pro Disc Brake Bleed Kit is a must have for any professional mechanic that is performing brake bleeds regularly. Compatible with the entire SRAM and Avid range, it makes the bleeding process faster and more efficient, due to the syringes and hoses large size and...