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Shimano TL-FC16 Hollowtech II L/H Crank Tension/Installation Tool


The Shimano TL-FC16 tool is compatible with Hollowtech II crankarms and 2-piece cranks. It has a multi-tooth profile and is made of robust plastic. TL-FC16 is applied directly to the crank bolt by hand without an additional tool and tightened with 0.7 to 1.5 Nm. Compatibility: Hollowtech II, 2-piece
Lezyne 8mm Classix Hex Rod

$24.95 $12.48

Style, function and quality to enhance any tool collection. The Classic Hex Rod will instantly enhance any tool collection with its style, function and quality. It features a high strength, extremely hard chrome-vanadium steel and is treated with a super durable chrome finish. The long leverage design is optimized with...
Giant 2-Piece Tyre Lever Set / Black


Simple, lightweight and robust - tough nylon tyre levers in a pack of two for fast removal of tyres during a puncture repair. Designed for a perfect fit on Giant WheelSystems Safe for use on carbon rims Ideal size for storage in saddlebags or pockets Ergonomic shape makes it easy...
Park Tool Race Bag Tools (Minor Marks or Wear)

from $15.00

We have recently updated our Park Tool Race Bag in the Van - the tools listed here have had minor, if any use. Plastic handles and steelwork may have small marks or scratches. Genuine Park Tool items Some items are discounted in the current Park Tool range.   The BBT-9...
Feedback Sports Fixed 3-Way Allen Wrench


Bicycle maintenance is often delicate, precision work. Having an ergonomic allen wrench set or torx bit set in the palm of your hand is an ideal resource for any mechanic.• Fixed 2 / 2.5 / 3mm Allen wrench set• Ergonomic, overmolded rubber grip for comfort and precision• Durable polymer core creates...
Park Tool HT-8 Thick Grip 8mm Hex Tool / Pedals/Cranks


Designed and built for speed, leverage and comfort. HT tools feature an ergonomically designed screwdriver grip, with an extra long, super strong hex on one end and a ball driver hex on the other. The HT-8 Hex Tool is specially designed for cranks and pedals, also perfect for changing rear freehubs
Park Tool FR-5.2G Cassette Lockring Remover with 5mm Guide


FR-5.2G CASSETTE LOCKRING REMOVER WITH GUIDE PIN Heat treated alloy tool steel, one-inch base fits wrench or bench vice. Thin wall construction allows use without removal of cones and locknuts. The FR-5.2G has 12 splines that are approximately 23.4mm across. FEATURES Fits Shimano®, SRAM® (including 1x), SunRace®, SunTour®, Chris King® and...
Unior 1670.5/4 Cassette Lockring Tool


Unior Hand tools are in compliance with the European and global quality standards. Unior is striving to assure the high quality of hand tools also as a fully authorized CEO (European Tools Committee) member.Unior was among the first manufacturers of hand tools in Europe to receive ISO 9001 quality certificate....
Park Tool CC3.2 Chain Wear Indicator


A worn chain shifts poorly and wears sprockets at an accelerated rate. The CC-3.2 is a go/no-go gauge designed to accurately indicate when a chain reaches .5% and .75%, the points at which most chain manufacturers suggest replacement. For 9 and 10-speed chains, replace chain just as the gauge fits...
PRO 8mm Hex Pedal Wrench


Chrome-plated 8mm Hex Pedal Wrench Tool, with a dual-compound handle for extra grip and comfort, and an additional ball driver.
Rockshox Suspension Top Cap/Cassette Tool


For SRAM/Shimano Cassettes and ZEB, Pike, Lyrik, SID, Revelation, Reba, and Paragon forks
Joes 60ml Sealant Injector Kit


The Sealant Injector is the easy way to inject sealant into the tire. Safe, clean and easy to use. Remove Valve Core Fill Injector with Sealant Inject Sealant into Tyre
Park Tool VC-1 Valve Core Remover


PARK TOOL - VC-1 - VALVE CORE TOOL A small, handy tool designed to remove and install Schrader and Presta valve cores and to remove and install Presta valve extenders with 5mm wrench flats.
BBB Chaingrip Quick Release Chain Holder

$40.00 $27.50

Quick Release Chain Holder for storage or transport.  Keeps the chain under tension when the wheel is removed. Easy transportation and cleaning. 135 mm MTB version with disc brake pad adapter - keeps the brake pads in place when the disc is removed. You can also use this for rim...
BBB BTL-77 Linkfix Chain Link Remover/Install


Chain link tool with dual function. Opens and closes links.  With kraton handle for a firm and comfortable grip. Working on your chain can be pretty dirty. Luckily we got the LinkFix so you don't have to make your hands dirty. The LinkFix opens your chain and closes it easily without having to...
OneUp Components EDC Lite Plastics Kit


EDC LITE PLASTICS REPLACEMENT KIT KIT CONTAINS 1x Inner Carrier 1x Outer Carrier (Black) 1x Flat-Head Bolt, M6x30 1x Socket-Head Bolt, M6x85 (installation)
PRO Pedal 15mm Wrench Tool


PRO by Shimano Dual compound handle for extra grip and comfort Handle under angle for safe and easy use 15mm
Shimano TL-FC41 FC-M9100/8100/7100 Lock Ring Tool


Shimano crankset with their new direct mount chainring attachment system you'll need a tool to remove and install the chainrings.  12 speed Shimano cranks that use their direct mount chainring attachment systemCrankset compatibility:  XTR FC-M9100, FC-M9120, FC-M9120 XT FC-M8100, FC-M8120, FC-M8130 SLX FC-M7100, FC-M7120, FC-M7130 Deore FC-M6100, FC-M6120, FC-M6130 Tool...
Lifu Tool 33/34mm Headset Wrenches


33/34mm Headset Wrench. Suitable for bikes or some scooters. Wrench is of 4mm Steel Contruction.
OneUp Components EDC Tube Strap Mount


The EDC Tube Strap Mount is a flat mounting bracket with an included OneUp EDC Tension Strap. It lets you carry a spare tube without scratching or scuffing your frame. The strap’s adjustable 355mm length lets you carry other stuff too, and it's replaceable. Product Specs Weight (with EDC Strap): 62g Weight...
Unior 1670.9/4 Cassette Lockring Tool With 12mm Guide


Unior Hand tools are in compliance with the European and global quality standards. Unior is striving to assure the high quality of hand tools also as a fully authorized CEO (European Tools Committee) member.Unior was among the first manufacturers of hand tools in Europe to receive ISO 9001 quality certificate....
Park Tool CC-4 Chain Wear Indicator/Checker


The CC-4 is a drop-in style gauge that measures bicycle chain wear. The laser cut CC-4 accurately measures a long section of chain and strategically comes in contact with the chain in three places, quickly and easily taking the guesswork out of knowing when chain replacement is necessary. A worn...
Park Tool FR-5.2GT Cassette Lockring Remover with 12mm Guide


Heat treated alloy tool steel, one inch base fits wrench or bench vise. The FR-5.2GT is designed specifically for use when removing and installing cassette lockrings from thru axle hubs. FR-5.2GT FEATURES:-  Utilizes a 12mm guide pin to stabilize the tool in use Fits 12-spline cassette lockrings from Shimano®, SRAM®...
OneUp EDC Gear Straps


A stretch polyurethane strap with tail clip for neat and secure fastening of your spare tube or gear to your frame. Our strap doesn’t absorb water and mud like a Velcro strap and won’t scratch your frame. KIT INCLUDES 2x EDC GEAR STRAPS SPEC Material:  UV Stabilized Polyurethane Weight: 18g per strap Length: 355mm...
Park Tool BBT-2 Bottom Bracket Tool / Shimano/ISIS Drive


Older version of the current Park Tool BBT-22 - Cannot be attached to a FRW-1 Freewheel Remover Wrench The BBT-2 is a shop quality tool for installing and removing Shimano and ISIS Drive splined 20-tooth bottom bracket cups. Made from investment cast steel, the BBT-22 utilizes a flat tooth profile...
OneUp Components EDC Inline Pump Mount


The EDC Inline Pump Mount is the cleanest and simplest way to carry your OneUp EDC Pump (70cc or 100cc ) and the EDC V2 Tool System on your frame. The molded plastic mount and rubber strap keep your EDC Pump securely in place even on the roughest trails. No rattling, no lost tools...
IceToolz Cottleless Crank Extractor


The IceToolz Crank Extractor is designed to pull cranks off your bottom bracket axle and is compatible with square/diamond taper, ISIS and Hollowtech cranks. Round removable end adapter makes this compatible with hollow or solid BB axles. It is made from chromoly steel, making it strong and durable. Operates by...
Lezyne Tubeless Kit


Compact tubeless tire repair kit with machined aluminum storage tube that doubles as a handle. Combined tire reamer and insertion tool. Includes five tire plugs. WEIGHT: 47g KIT:  5 tire plugs, combined tire reamer and insertion tool. How to use the Lezyne Tubeless Kit.
BBB Turntable Chain Whip

from $39.90

Efficiently holds the sprockets when removing the cassette lock-ring. Also removes sprockets from a freewheel. Extremely durable hardened steel.  Offers the perfect balance of strength and stiffness. 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed compatible.
Stans Dart Refill


5 DART Refills (required DART Tool not included) DART Refills include 5 replacement DARTs on a rack that makes reloading fast and easy.  DART Tool Info The DART Tool is designed to be extremely light, durable, and easy to fit into pockets and packs, while offering an ergonomic design that’s...
Lezyne V Pro 7 Tool


The V Pro bike multi tool series includes a refined collection of tools developed for today’s modern bicycles. Each model is designed and manufactured in-house and engineered to efficiently repair most road or trailside mechanicals. The machined steel tool bits are now longer and introduce our Black Anti-Corrosion technology, which...
BBB BTL-10D Hi Torque Pedal Wrench


BBB - Hi-Torque Pedal Wrench (15mm) Long handle (33cm) Ergonomic pedal wrench to remove and replace your pedals quickly and easily. Extra wide hooks, very strong. Extremely durable hardened steel. Offers the perfect balance of strength and stiffness.

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