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Shimano E-tube System Di2 Electric Wire

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E-Tube Di2 wires form the connections of a Di2 system. Shimano's E-tube technology, is a weather-sealed system that allows multi-compatibility and expandability of the Di2 system. Connectors easily click securely into place (always use the approved Di2 wiring Tool) and allow quick install of Di2 e-Tube components.   Please Note:-...
Shimano EW-JC200 2-Port Di2 Junction Unit


The EW-JC200 2 port junction is a female-female junction box that allows wires to be connected together to increase their length. This gives you greater flexibility when running wiring on larger frames or in tricky wiring cases with additional shifter. For use with Di2 and E-Tube wiring.   Please Note:-...
Shimano SM-JC41 Di2 Internal BB Junction


The Shimano Di2 SM-JC41 internal junction box is where all roads meet in the e-tube version of the Shimano Di2 system. All of the component and battery wires meet here before running out to their respective components - all of the wires that connect to the junction box use the...
Shimano SM-BCR2 Di2 Battery Charger with USB Cable


USB charger plugs into an SM-EW90 junction allowing batteries to be charged while still attached. Features:-  • Di2 uses a powerful long-life 7.4V Li-Ion battery: keep it in top condition and ready for shifting with this specific Shimano Di2 charger• 1.5 hour charge time• Plugs in directly to the SM-EW90...