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Absolute Black Road Chain Catcher

$45.00 $30.00

Absoluteblack chain catcher is designed to eliminate the possibility of chain falling in towards the frame when shifting to the inner chainring on uneven road. Chain catcher is a simple add-on component which improves the overall function of your drive train and protects your valuable frame from dropped chains. Especially...
Campagnolo CN17 11-Speed Chain / 114 Links


Campagnolo CN17 11-Speed Chain / 114 Links Features:- WIDER LINK DESIGN:-the new design of the Campagnolo 11™ chain increases the shifting performances and reduces the noise of chainring and sprocket engagements.ULTRA-LINK™ CHAIN CONNECTING SYSTEM:-high strength chain connection – greater safety and longer chain life.
Campagnolo Record C10 Ultra / CN6-REX 10-Speed Chain


Campagnolo Ultra Drive Chain, Designed for 10-speed but is 9-speed and 8-speed compatible.    C10 Ultra has hollow pins Chain Compatibility: Campagnolo 10 Speeds: 10-Speed Color: Silver Links: 114 links Width: 5.9 mm
Campagnolo Record C9 CN99-RE09 9 -Speed Chain


This chain is created using materials and technical solutions that are typical of high-end products.While the quality of the shifting operation is guaranteed by the precise Ultra-Drive and Floating Link Action geometries, its endurance in time is ensured by the Chrome-Nickel-PTFE surface treatments. Product:- C9 RecordWeight:- 297 gramsGear Compatibility:- 9-SpeedDerailleur...
KMC E9 9-Speed E-Bike 1/2" x 3/32" 136 Link Chain


The majority of increasingly popular "speed" pedelecs are equipped with mid -drive motors which transfer immense torque through the chain when shifting. In response, KMC has developed e-bike specific, torsion resistant chains to managing these extreme drivetrain conditions – the X eBike Series.The direct force from the mid-motor to the...
KMC MissingLink Chain Connector / Re-Usable


The very popular resuable chain joining solution from KMC. Types MissingLink  6/7/8 Speed / Reusable compatible with: KMC Z8.1 chains (7.10mm pin length) SRAM 7 & 8 speed chains MissingLink 9 Speed Silver / Reusable compatible with: KMC, Shimano, Campagnolo & SRAM 9-Speed chains Pin Length: 6.6 mm MissingLink 10 Speed Silver...
MRP 1 x CS ISCG-05 28-34t Chain Guide / Black


The 1x guide is the definitive cross-country chainguide. Used on the World Cup circuit and even in the Olympics, the 1x has a proven track record of dependability and performance. The 1x is the perfect guide for riders and racers wanting a lightweight single-ring front drivetrain for cross-country use or...
OneUp Components Chain Guide ISCG05 V2


OneUp Components Chain Guide ISCG05 V2 - Colour:  Black Eliminate dropped chains forever with the new OneUp Components Guide.  As the trend for lower and slacker bikes continues, 'Little bikes' are getting more and more capable everyday. Revised for 2019 the OneUp Guide uses simple, one tool installation and adjustment as well...
Shimano 105/Deore CN-HG601-11 11-Speed Chain


SHIMANO 105/Deore - 11-Speed - Super Narrow - HYPERGLIDE - SIL-TEC - Road/MTB Chain This Super Narrow HG-X11 directional chain offers precise shifting and improved durability thanks to SHIMANO's SIL-TEC treatment on the inner plate surfaces. System engineered drivetrain component for optimal power transfer Inner-plate treated with SHIMANO's ultra-low friction...
Shimano Altus CN-HG40 6/7/8-Speed Chain


Hyperglide (HG) series 6, 7, or 8-speed compatible chain, recommended for Altus and Alivio/STX drivetrains.  HG technology has chamfered inner plates to optimise shifting performance on HG sprockets Durability is assured through the heat treatment of rollers, pins, and plates Mushrooming of the pins gives unsurpassed side-plate retention, enabling the...
Shimano Deore CN-HG53 9-Speed Chain


Hyperglide (HG) series 9-speed compatible chain, recommended for Deore and Tiagra drivetrains.  HG technology has chamfered inner plates to optimise shifting performance on HG sprockets Durability is assured through a chromising treatment on link pins, and the heat treatment of rollers, pins, and plates Mushrooming of the pins gives unsurpassed...
Shimano Deore XT CN-LG500 LinkGlide 10/11-Speed Chain


DEORE XT M8130 Series - 10/11-speed affordable LINKGLIDE chain even compatible with 11-speed HYPERGLIDE The LINKGLIDE LG500 chain provides smooth and decisive shifting with both 10/11-speed LINKGLIDE and 11-speed HYPERGLIDE drivetrains.   LINKGLIDE CHAINS All LINKGLIDE drivetrains use a common chain design, regardless of the number of cogs on the cassette....
Shimano Deore XT CN-M8100 SIL-TEC 12-Speed Chain with Quick-Link


Shimano Deore XT CN-M8100 12-Speed (126 Link) Chain with Quick-Link   New HYPERGLIDE+ shift technology  Extended inner link plate  Quick link for easy service. Adding to DEORE XT’s M8100 smooth drivetrain transmission, the new CN-M8100 HG chain features SHIMANO’s DYNAMIC CHAIN ENGAGEMENT (DCE+) technology. An extended inner link plate of the...
Shimano Dura-Ace/XTR CN-HG901 SIL-TEC 11-Speed Chain


The Dura-Ace/XTR CN-HG901-11 eleven-speed chain is 9 grams lighter and 20% more durable than the CN-7901. The CN-HG901-11 is 5.62mm wide - slightly more narrow than the 5.88mm 7901 chain. One of the key features of the CN-HG901-11 chain is the Sil-Tec coating that contributes to a claimed 20% increase...
Shimano SLX CN-M7100 SIL-TEC 12-Speed Chain with Quick-Link


The M7100 chain provides enhanced chain retention thanks to an extended portion of the inner plate. The new chain features quick-link assembly and SIL-TEC treatment for extended offroad durability.  Features: Extended inner plate improves chain engagement and retention Quick-Link connecting and removing pliers (TL-CN10) Reduced shift times and pedalling shock...
Shimano SM-CN900-11 "Quick-Link" 11-Speed Chain Link


The Shimano 11 speed quick link is designed with tool-free assembly in mind for quick on-the-trail repairs. The SM-CN900 is compatible with all Shimano 11 speed chains.  Quick-Link designed for tool-free chain repair Compatible with current 11-speed chains
Shimano SM-CN900-11 "Quick-Link" 11-Speed Chain Link - 2 Pack


The Shimano SM-CN900-11 Quick Link is designed with tool-free assembly in mind for quick on-the-trail repairs. The SM-CN900 is compatible with all Shimano 11 speed chains. Features:-  Quick link designed for tool-free chain repair Compatible with all Shimano 11 speed chains 2 x Quick-Links (per pack)
Shimano SM-CN910-12 "Quick-Link" 12-Speed Chain Link - 2 Pack


Model No. SM-CN910-12 Compatibility: CN-M9100 Wears and functions like other links on the chain SIL-TEC surface treatment Tool-Free installation possible TL-CN10 is available as SM-CN900-11 Single Use Comes with: Two Pairs
Shimano STEPS CN-E6070-9 E-Bike 9-Speed Chain


Shimano STEPS CN-E6070-9 E-Bike 9-Speed Chain / 138 Links Special for the STEPS system, SHIMANO made a reinforced chain dedicated for E-bike usage. For front single gear only.
Shimano STEPS CN-E6090-10 E-Bike 10-Speed Chain


Special for the STEPS system, SHIMANO made a reinforced chain dedicated for E-bike usage. For front single gear only.  HG-X 10-speed chain, reinforced for E-bike use New chain plates More efficient and more silent with SIL-TEC surface treatment For single chainring only 138 Links
Shimano STEPS CN-E8000-11 E-Bike 11-Speed Chain


For use with the SHIMANO STEPS E8000 group, the HG-X11 chain features SHIMANO's SIL-TEC surface treatment on the pin and roller link plate for improved durability on 11-speed drivetrains.  Features: Special surface treatment on “pin and roller link plate” Durability improved by 50% or more (vs. CN-HG701-11) 138 Links with...
Shimano Tiagra CN-4601 10-Speed Chain


Shimano Tiagra CN-4601 10-speed chain. Chain type is super narrow HG for 10-speed cassettes. Includes one connecting pin. Unidirectional (asymmetrical) design uses different inner and outer plate chamfers and dimensions to accommodate the different shifting requirements when moving the chain inward or outward. 116 Links
Shimano Ultegra CN-6701 10-Speed Chain


Shimano Ultegra CN-6701 10 Speed Chain 10-speed / 116 Links The revised super narrow Ultegra chain features redesigned outer and inner plates to reduce chain drop and to improve contact with the gear teeth and smoother shifting even on high loads. Perforated plates save weight. Chain type is super narrow...
Shimano Ultegra/XT CN-HG701-11 SIL-TEC 11-Speed Chain

from $69.99

Seamless shifting, reliable and lightweight. These are all contributing factors that make the Shimano CN-HG701 Ultegra/XT 11-speed SIL-TEC Chain one of the best performing chains on the market. Designed specifically to be used with the Shimano Ultegra/XT 11-speed groupset with it's 5.62 millimetre width. The inner plate of the chain has a SIL-TEC...
Shimano Ultegra/XT CN-HG93 9-Speed Chain


A 9-speed chain from the Shimano® XT/Ultegra series. The super narrow chain makes it possible to manufacture a 9-speed sprocket which isn't wider than the 8-speed version. The precision tolerances allow a full toughness and a reliable shifting function. Inner plate galvanised, outer plate grey. Chrome-plated pins. Chain type is...
Shimano XTR CN-M9100 SIL-TEC 12-Speed Chain with Quick-Link


Shimano XTR CN-M9100 12-Speed (138 Link) Chain with Quick-Link.  The special design of the new Shimano CN-M9100 12-speed chain ensures improved shifting performance and smoother running - even in rough terrain. The SM-CN910-12 Quick-Link closure, which is also new, makes installation easy. Features:-  New Drive System Dedicated Design Chain Greater...
Shimano XTR/XT/SLX CN-HG95 10-Speed Chain


Get smooth shifting under high-load pedaling in muddy conditions. Sil-Tec is an ultra-low friction surface treatment from Shimano®. The plating process improves system performance through the use of imbedded fluorine partials. Runs smoother and wears longer in all conditions.  Directional chain designed for mountain bikes. Mud-shedding design provides consistent shifting...
SRAM GX Eagle 12-Speed Chain


The GX Eagle chain is designed with SRAM's Eagle geometry, the GX Eagle chain features solid pin construction, Eagle PowerLock and smooth, efficient shifting that you can count on every time out.  All-new Eagle PowerLock chain connector with FLOW LINK technology provides better chain-guiding and increased longevity Unique features and...
SRAM GX Eagle Transmission (T-Type) Flattop Chain - 126 Links


The flattop design and solid pins of the GX Eagle Transmission Chain create the highest level of durability and toughness for all day rides and E-MTB torque.  T-Type compatibility Flattop profile, unbelievable shifting and performance Solid pins, fully approved for E-MTB use 
SRAM NX Eagle 12-Speed Chain


The basis of every Eagle™ drivetrain is its chain-and the NX Eagle™ chain is designed and manufactured using genuine SRAM's Eagle™ architecture, so it is fully compatible with every other component in the Eagle™ ecosystem. The NX Eagle™ chain features solid pin construction, Eagle™ PowerLock® and smooth, efficient shifting that...
SRAM PC Force AXS 12-Speed Flat-Top Chain / 120 Links


Beyond an incremental improvement. The Flattop™ technology of the SRAM Force® chain creates a lighter, quieter, stronger chain. Ride far, long and fast-this chain can go the distance. Features:-  Flattop™ technology allows for a narrower chain with quieter operation and increased strength and durability Hard Chrome™ plated inner and outer...
SRAM PC Red22 11-Speed Chain


The new SRAM RED 22 chain features more heavily chamfered outer plates for improved shifting and quieter running. Other advancements include a new inner plate finish plus chrome hardened pin construction, both for longer chain life. The HollowPin™ construction of SRAM’s 11 speed chain provides smooth, precise shifting and weight...

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