Est. 1982

Slickoleum (aka Slick Honey) Light Grease


Slickoleum is a multi-purpose grease for fork seals, o-rings, linear slides, bearings and chassis applications. This grease offers excellent low temperature pumpability and low temperature protection.

• Suspension Grease
• Great for O-rings & Seals
• Reduces Friction & Static Drag
• Stays Were You Put It
• Resistant To Water Washout

Slickoleum Light Grease has good resistance to corrosion and oxidation as well as an ability to impregnate the pores of surfaces. Slickoleum can be used across many applications and industries. Slickoleum excels when it comes to lubricating seals and O-rings that have linear movement.

NB:- SRAM use Slickoleum to manufacture their very similar product SRAM butter.