Est. 1982

Shimano XTR Trail BL-M9120 Brake Lever


To improve rigidity at the lever, Shimano moved the brake clamp position inboard, creating an extra point of contact between the bar and the lever. This added bracing drastically increases efficiency and control over the bike while offering quick brake engagement. The new design minimizes impact on cockpit real estate, creating space between the clamp and support point for mounting other handlebar accessories.

Servo Wave
When you pull a servo wave brake lever initial pad travel is fast, so little lever movement is needed to bring the pads into contact with the rotor. The power multiplication factor then increases rapidly at the pad-to-rim contact so more of the lever stroke is used to apply greater braking power with improved control.


  • Higher braking force with reduced input force at finger tips highly linear response, and braking power, stroke, and time lag reduced 
  • Inside hose routing
  • Update brake lever shape
  • Quicker rebound between actions maintains rider concentration
  • Greater flexibility and action-optimized cockpit layout
  • Funnel bleeding
  • Recommended brake caliper: BR-M9120
  • I-Spec EV compatible
  • Lever anodized, housing painted, SUS clamp bolt (painted)
  • Lever Length: 2-finger
  • Adjustment Options: reach adjust (no tool required), free stroke
  • Design: right side (only), left side (only)
  • Lever Material: aluminium
  • Brake Lever Housing Material: aluminium
  • Hose Connection: straight