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Shimano TL-BR003 MTB Only Bleed Funnel with Oil Stopper


The TL-BR003 bleeding funnel and oil stopper is used for an easy bleeding of all hydraulic Shimano disc brakes with One-Way-Bleeding system.

The funnel can be set directly on Shimano brake levers (BL) and brake/shift levers (ST) with 5 mm connecting thread (M5).

A funnel adapter is not required.


  • XTR BL-M9100, BL-M9120, BL-M9000, BL-M9020
  • Deore XT BL-M8100, BL-M8000
  • SLX BL-M7100
  • Deore BL-M6100, BL-M4100
  • BL-MT200, BL-MT201, BL-MT401, BL-MT402-3A, BL-MT501
  • Saint BL-M820-B
  • ZEE BL-M640-B
  • Alivio ST-M4050
  • Acera ST-EF505
  • Deore XT Trekking BL-T8100
  • Deore Trekking BL-T6000
  • Dura Ace ST-R9180
  • BL-RS600
  • Alfine BL-S7000