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Shimano TL-BR002 Road Only Funnel Unit with Oil Stopper


The TL-BR002 oil funnel with oil stopper for STI dual control shift / brake lever with M7 thread - For bleeding Shimano Road hydraulic disc brake systems.

Features - Shimano TL-BR002 Funnel Unit

  • For road bike shift / brake lever
  • M7 thread version
  • Enables easy and secure bleeding operation
  • Convenient clear funnel and pedestal


  • All hydraulic Shimano road bike disc brakes with one-way bleeding
  • Dura Ace ST-R9120, ST-R9170
  • Ultegra ST-R8020, ST-R8025, ST-R8070
  • 105 ST-R7020, ST-R7025
  • Tiagra ST-4720, ST-4725
  • GRX BL-RX600, BL-RX810, ST-RX400, ST-RX600, ST-RX810, ST-RX810-L