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Shimano SLX CS-M7100 12-Speed Micro-Spline Cassette


Shimano SLX CS-M7100-12 cassette - shifting performance for more fun on the trail

The Shimano SLX CS-M7100 12-speed cassette features Hyperglide+ technology, which ensures high precision and smoothness as well as shifting speed when shifting up and down. Hyperglide+ also minimizes noise. CS-M7100 cassettes feature an aluminium spider and an aluminium sprocket (the largest sprocket), which saves weight and contributes to durability. If you want to enjoy narrow gear jumps, go for the 10-45 version. If you want to cover as wide a range as possible, the 10-51 gear ratio is the right one for you.

Application:- All Mountain, Enduro, Cross Country, Trail

Gearing:- 12-Speed

Gradation:- 10-45, 10-51

Sprocket Material:- Steel, aluminium

Freehub Body Compatibility:- Shimano Micro Spline

CS-M7100-12 – Wide Range and Rhythm Step Cassettes

-        Wide Range Cassette - 10-51t

        - Designed for single front chainring setup

        - 510% gear ratio with smart gear steps to extend the range

        - 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-33-39-45-51t

 -        Rhythm Step Cassette - 10-45t

        - Designed for double or single front chainring setup

        - 450% gear ratio with ideal gear steps

        - 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-40-45t

Micro Spline reduces the weight with a lightweight freehub, whereby the smallest sprocket
has 10 teeth. The ride stability is increased by 30 %. A 7.6° angle (max.) ensures fast response. Micro Spline freehubs can only be used in combination with Micro Spline cassettes and rear hubs.