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Shimano Deore XT RT-MT800 Ice-Tech Freeza Brake Rotor / Centre-Lock


The Shimano Deore XT RT-MT800 brake disc uses the successful Ice-Technologies Freeza design to decrease the temperatures while braking what results in a consistent braking performance even in the most demanding conditions and increases the brake pad's lifetime as well.

The basis of the construction is the disc's so called sandwich structure (stainless steel - aluminium - stainless steel) which not only improves braking power and reliability, but also effectively dissipates the heat via the integrated cooling fins.


Mount:- Centre-Lock
Diametre:- 140mm, 160mm, 180mm, 203mm
Design:- 2-piece
Rotor Material:- Stainless steel outer and aluminium core sandwich construction
Spider Material:- Aluminium
Lockring Material:- Aluminium


- great heat dissipation due to innovative design
- reduced fading
- easy installation with Spline Mount and lockring
- painted spider, polished rotor, anodised lockring


Ice Tech FREEZA rotors show even less fading due to 40°C less heat generation in comparison to SM-RT98. The three layer sandwich structure consists of stainless steel with an aluminium core and integrated cooling fins. The two-piece structure with aluminium support effectively conducts the heat away. The dirt-repellent design extends the durability of rotor and pads. The sporty aggressive high-tech design is a real eye-catcher.