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Shimano Deore XT CN-LG500 LinkGlide 10/11-Speed Chain


DEORE XT M8130 Series - 10/11-speed affordable LINKGLIDE chain even compatible with 11-speed HYPERGLIDE

The LINKGLIDE LG500 chain provides smooth and decisive shifting with both 10/11-speed LINKGLIDE and 11-speed HYPERGLIDE drivetrains.



All LINKGLIDE drivetrains use a common chain design, regardless of the number of cogs on the cassette. Existing 11-speed Shimano chains are compatible with LINKGLIDE drivetrains. Additionally, a new entry price point chain is available in CNLG500. This chain can also be used on existing 11-speed HYPERGLIDE drivetrains. All Shimano 11-speed changes are currently e-bike rated or e-bike designed.