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Rockshox MY21 DebonAir C1 35mm Seal Head/Base Nut Upgrade Kit

$54.00 $42.99

Genuine Rockshox Air spring sealhead upgrade kit for 2018 onwards Pike, Revelation, Yari and Lyrik 35mm forks. updates the air shaft to the current model of debonair (c1). Must already have RED baseplate. 

  • Includes the negative air seal head (RED) and base nut (RED) and quad seal for main air piston. 
  • Maintains ride height for increased performance.
  • Great value for money upgrade for 2018 onwards Pike/Revelation/Yari and Lyrik that already have the DebonAir air spring. 

Part: 00.4020.573.000

Not suitable for 2017 or earlier series of Pike.