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Praxis Steel 104 BCD eRing Wave Chainring (Direct Threaded)

Chainring Size

Designed specifically for e-Bikes and longer wear,  our steel e-Rings are cold forged from 4130 high-grade steel with a nice black oxide finish. Licensed and developed in conjunction with Mountain Racing Products, the Wave™ pattern tooth profile applies alternating lateral force to each chain link to actively retain the chain to the ring – going beyond narrow/wide implementations that rely solely on friction, while allowing room for mud, debris, and grit to escape.  The Wave™ design also wears more slowly than competing designs by spreading the load over larger surface areas.


  • STEEL eRING FOR 104 Bolt Circle Diameter – (NOT For the ‘Levo SL’ smaller 94BCD Spiders!)
  • These e-rings are 104BCD ‘female‘ threaded.  A male M8 CR bolt threads directly into this threaded e-ring for motor clearance.
  • Mounting – LOGOS FACE OUTWARD!
  • Updated WaveTech | 10/11sp and also 12sp for both Shimano/SRAM
  • Cold forged High Grade 4130 grade steel | Black Oxide
  • REAR DERAILLEUR - Must use a ‘CLUTCH’ type rear derailleur. Example Shimano Shadow or SRAM Type 2
  • In very rough terrain, or just for pure security, we still recommend use of an upper guide