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Nokon Shift Cable or MTB Brake Cable Kit (incomplete)

$145.00 $75.00

An incomplete Nokon Shift Cable or MTB Brake Cable Kit, what you see photographs is what you get.

Suitable for Road/Gravel/MTB. We have mainly used the kits over the years in the workshop for TT and Tri Bikes - ie. Giant Trinity and Specialized Shiv (UCI TT & Tri) for tight bends. 

To suit frames with cable stops.

The Nokon cables offer the best performance for mechanical brakes and gears. The system is suitable for both braking and switching applications and, thanks to its length stability, brings more safety and precision even with line bends and in extreme situations. The pressure-resistant outer shell made of aluminium avoids elongation of the cable with the resulting switching problems. Due to the design of the Nokon system, the cable is extremely resistant to kinking with high flexibility of the articulated parts lined up next to each other.

  • Finish:- Black
  • Length 1:- 280mm
  • Length 2:- 350mm
  • Length 3:- 410mm
  • Part Lengths:- 140mm & 170mm
  • Extra:- 2 x V-Pipe Rubber Boot, 5 x Rubber Cable Protectors & Extra Nokon Links