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Muc Off Bottle For Life + Punk Powder Bundle

Muc Off

MUC-OFF cleaning set Bottle For Life + Punk Powder

The Muc-Off cleaning set for the environmentally friendly cleaning of your bike.

Punk Powder is a biological and sustainable cleaner for every type of bike. Its packaging is 100% plastic and petroleum-free and biodegradable.
To minimize plastic and water consumption, Muc-Off developed this epic cleaner in powder form. Hundreds of versions were tested over 3 years until the perfect formula was found. With biodegradable ingredients (75% of which are plant-based), punk powder is not only good for the consumer and the environment, but also for all bikes and parts. Thanks to the formula that dissolves quickly, the cleaner is ready in seconds after adding water.

Note:- One bag of punk powder makes one liter of bicycle cleaner.

Technical specifications:-

Material:- aluminum, silicone, plastic
intended use :- environmentally friendly bicycle cleaning
Environment:- 100% plastic free, biodegradable bag, vegetable color
Container:- Spray Bottle, 1 litre - Bottle For Life
Filling amount of detergent:- 4 x 30g Punk Powder