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Shimano SM-BD-Oil Mineral Brake Fluid


Shimano Mineral Brake Fluid is the suitable brake fluid for all Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, whether MTB, Road or City & Touring. Since it does not bind water, mineral oil has the advantage over DOT of longer constant quality - you do not have to replace it as often. 


*Stock fluid for your hydraulic Shimano hydraulic disc brake.

*Use in Shimano & Tektro brakes.

*Sizes:- 50ml, 100ml, 500ml & 1 Litre.

A Shimano SM-DISC Bleed Oil Funnel for the lever and a Shimano TL-BT03S Bleed Kit for the complete system are sold separately.

When servicing the brakes, remove the wheels this ensures that no oil gets onto the brake rotors.