Est. 1982

Lezyne Pocket Drive HP Pump


The Pocket Drive is an amazingly compact and lightweight bicycle hand pump featuring plenty of pumping efficiency. It’s constructed from durable CNC machined aluminum and has a handle that’s lightly knurled for slip resistant operation. With its overlapping handle and integrated ABS Flex Hose, the Pocket Drive offers performance unmatched for its size. The pump is Presta and Schrader valve compatible, and it’s completely rebuildable for continued use at a high level.


MAX:  160psi | 11 bar
WEIGHT:  79g

2.05.2020 - Review: Lezyne Pocket Drive micro tyre pump is small enough to always take it with you! – Bikerumor

"Pumps will likely always provide inflation, but they can be bulky or hard to use. That’s where the new Lezyne Pocket Drive comes in – it’s positively tiny, yet is easy to use for lasting inflation...In spite of its tiny size, the pump is surprisingly easy to use, mostly due to the telescoping design which adds extra length to each stroke... I don’t want to be lugging around some massive frame pump. Which is why I find the Pocket Drive to be almost perfect. It will get me out of jam if needed, but it’s so small I won’t hesitate to stuff it in a jersey pocket before heading out for a ride".