Est. 1982

Keywin Anti-Chafing Cream


Specifically formulated for athletes to increase performance by reducing chafing and the risk of infection (contains Irgesan DDP300). Its lanolin base is accepted as an ideal skin treatment and is compatible with chamois materials.

Key Features

  • temperature stable with a consistency constant through the normal ambient temperature range
  • long life with no detectable deterioration after 2 years
  • pleasantly perfumed to eliminate unwanted odours


Tips on using our Anti Chafing Cream

  • The Cream should be used generously over the complete shammy. The effect is to produce minimum movement between skin and shammy - movement should be between the shorts and saddle.
  • We recommend high levels of personal hygiene after riding and washing shorts by hand very thoroughly after each ride.
  • Using the old adage that prevention is better than cure "Use before you're sore"!!!