Est. 1982

Hiplok Z Combo 50cm Lock

Urban Green

Multi-use practicality

A cutting edge concept in security with a multitude of applications. Z Lok Combo offers the same ground-breaking lightweight, adjustable zip tie design as the original Z Lok, but with the added benefits of a larger locking circumference and three-digit combination mechanism with reset function.

Once you have a Z Lok Combo, you’ll be amazed at the multiple uses you find for it. Whether used as the perfect short term security, protection while equipment is on a roof rack, a ski lock or to secure luggage and accessories, Z Lok Combo’s uses are endless.


  • Multi-use steel core security tie
  • Unique cinch, lock and hold design
  • Three-digit lock with reset function
  • 430mm locking length
  • Weight: 80g