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BBB BBS-76 Tektro IOX/Lyra Disc Brake Pads / Organic




Braking in is not necessary with BBB DiscStops. Our pads get a special treatment during production. This treatment creates the same effect as what you will get when braking in; the braking surface will harden, which will extend the lifetime and increase the braking power. Braking in is something that a lot of users forget or even do not know about. Without braking in your brake pads they wear out quicker. After which you will probably wonder why this expensive pads only last one weekend. BBB DiscStops are ready to be used instantly, without losing braking power. This will not only save you a lot of money, but also will give you the confidence you need while riding. Compatible: Tektro IOX, MD-M311, LYRA and Novela > 2010.

Resin Brake Pads

  • Much quieter than metal brake pads, the Softer material allows the brake to be quieter.
  • Great for dry conditions where you don't need to worry about getting mud or water everywhere
  • Will give you more initial bite.