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SRAM Level/Elixir Disc Brake Pad / Organic


SRAM Organic Brake Pads for Level, Elixir and some AXS road brakes.

Organic = Quiet.

To get the most out of your SRAM stoppers pair them with SRAM pads. They were made for each other. The Organic pads are Quiet with a black backing plate. A good all-around pad, quiet, make less noise in wet conditions and produce less heat under hard use. But not as powerful as the sintered version.

Fits the follwoing Mountain brakes

  • AVID Elixir
  • SRAM Level
  • SRAM Level T
  • SRAM Level TL
  • SRAM Level TLM (2020+)
  • SRAM Level Ultimate (2020+)

Fits the following Road two piece calipers:

Two piece calipers have no swivilling hose banjo - The hose is fitted directy into caliper (see image). If it has a banjo then this Level will fit.

  • SRAM Red AXS (2019+)
  • SRAM Force ASX (2019+)

We have two types available:-

  • Pack - Retail blister pack with a spring and retaining bolt.
  • Workshop - Cheaper option. Genuine SRAM workshop pads without the spring and bolt. We use these in our workshop and on our own bikes.