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Aeroe 11L Quick Mount Pod


When the road gets tough (literally), you’ll need the 11L Quick Mount Pod. For sturdy storage and solid protection for your gear, this waterproof, hard-shell pod is made from high quality nylon and weighs only 718 grams. Perfect for carrying soft goods, but also very popular for carrying hardware such as your go-pro or camera gear that needs a stable ride and extra protection.

Fit directly to the top or side of the Spider Rear Rack via the Uni-mount attachment (included). Despite what they can carry, the Quick Mount Pod’s ensure a stable and sway-free ride, no matter how tight those turns or tricky the terrain.

For longer adventures, mount up to two Quick Mount Pod’s (one on either side of the Spider Rear Rack) to carry up to 22L of gear.

Compatible with the Spider Rear Rack

Technical Information


Weight: 910g (2lbs) (includes uni mount - which connects the pod to the spider rear rack)

Load capacity: 7kgs recommended (15lbs)

Materials: Glass reinforced nylon backing, heavy duty TPU HF nylon fully welded. Fully waterproof.

The Product Manual can be downloaded Here