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Absolute Black Graphen Wax Hot Melt Chain Lubricant

Absolute Black

Given the great success of our GRAPHENlube, we have learned that a portion of riders simply prefer hot waxing their chains to maintain the “clean look” of their drivetrain. However, regular paraffin waxing has plenty of drawbacks and this is why we have created the GRAPHENwax.

It is a super pliable, non-crumble, quiet, clean and extremely easy to break-in formula. It exhibits excellent durability whilst maintaining impressively low friction for a prolonged period of time, in both, wet and dry conditions. Besides, it is by far the easiest wax to break-in after the chain cools down – simply hold your chain in one hand and then run it between the two fingers of your free hand (as seen in our video) and job done. No more solid paraffin sticks or backpedalling issues. Our wax does not crumble, chip or leave any marks thanks to our proprietary formula. It is everything you ever wished for in a hot melt wax. 

The GRAPHENwax and our World Tour winning GRAPHENlube go very well together. If you plan longer rides you can "top it up" with GRAPHENlube. The chain will not require re-cleaning.

ADVANTAGES OF GRAPHENwax - Hot Melt Wax Lubricant:

  • Very Quiet
  • Easy to use, does not require each chain link to be manipulated to get the flexibility back, just run your fingers along the chain once
  • Doesn't flake off
  • Long Lasting thanks to the wax flexibility and Graphene additive
  • Sticks to the side of link plates enhancing shifting performance
  • Low friction benefits last for a very long time
  • Melts fast in the crockpot - saving you time
  • Doesn't melt off your chain on a hot day
  • Clean Look
  • Size: 340g / 12 oz . +/- 4%. Each box contains 4 "squares"
  • Colour: Wax is black, but on the chain looks transparent. Doesn't leave marks.
  • Composition: Hydrocarbon waxes containing special mix of high purity Graphene. It does not contain any harmful solvents