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Hub Kit - Platinum Aero Jersey

$140.00 $99.00

Pro Aero Jersey

Aero race-day jersey - It's lightweight, extremely aerodynamic and surprisingly comfortable for such a focused item. 

Advanced pattern design utilizing four different technical fabrics chosen for their uncompromising performance characteristics. The fabrics chosen feature significant amounts of stretch which allows for a skin-tight aero fit without feeling restrictive.

The back panel features Opti-Cool fabric which reflects infrared reducing heat absorbed from the sun allowing you to perform at your peak for longer.

Laser cut sleeves 

UPF 50+ body front and back.

Aggressive aero cut designed for optimum comfort in the riding position.

Note: This is a high performance race jersey. The fabrics and cut used in this jersey are selected for performance and race-day comfort over durability. Extra care should be taken with this item, our recommendation is that this is your go-to race-day jersey and not your everyday training top.