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Shimano 105 CS-HG700 11-Speed Cassette / 11-34t


Shimano 11-speed cassette CS-HG700-11 - for various applications The Shimano 11-speed cassette CS-HG700-11 offers Road cyclists, Cyclocross and Gravel specialists as well as MTB bikers optimum gear ratios. The 1.85 mm spacer, which is required for mounting on an 11-speed Road freehub, is already supplied. Note that the CS-HG700-11 cassette...
Shimano 105 CS-R7000 11-Speed Cassette

from $99.99

The Shimano 105 R7000 Cassette provides precise 11-Speed shift ramping and is a foundation for top-level drivetrain performance. Designed to provide wider gear choices and wider ratios to suit individual rider preference and to provide a range of options to suit the task at hand. Featuring a durable, lightweight construction,...
Shimano Acera CS-HG41 7-Speed Cassette / 11-28t


The Shimano cassette CS-HG41-7 comes in a 11-28t gear ratio. Like its "big sisters", it is equipped with Hyperglide sprockets, which optimise the shifting process via specific tooth profiles. Larger recesses on the sprockets reduce weight compared to previous 7-speed cassettes. Application:- Cross Country, City & Touring, City Gearing:- 7-speed...
Shimano CS-M9100 10t & 12t Replacement Micro-Spline Sprocket Units


The Shimano sprocket for CS-M9100-12 is an original spare part for the XTR 12-speed cassette in the increments 10-45 or 10-51. It is one of the first two sprockets with 10t or 12t. All these sprockets are made of steel. The 10 and 12 tooth version is only available as...
Shimano CS-M9100/M8100/M7100 Micro-Spline Lock Ring & Spacer


SHIMANO lockring incl. spacer for 12-speed MTB cassettes. Compatibility:• XTR CS-M9100• DEORE XT CS-M8100• SLX CS-M7100• DEORE CS-M6100
Shimano Deore CS-HG50 10-Speed Cassette / 11-36t


Hyperglide (HG) series 10-speed compatible chain, recommended for Deore and Tiagra drivetrains.Features:- High quality Dyna-Sys 10-speed cassette Close ratio gearing allows a more efficient use of energy through finer cadence control Sprockets are cut away and drilled to reduce weight without reducing rigidity Nickel-plated finish offers hard wearing resistance to...
Shimano Deore CS-M4100 10-Speed Cassette

from $89.99

The cassette you use on your bike has a significant impact on your climbing ability and performance. With a larger low gear, you'll be able to climb steeper hills with ease. The Shimano Deore CS-M4100 10-Speed Cassette is designed for trail mountain biking. It is compatible with Shimano's HyperGlide freehub...
Shimano Deore CS-M5100 11-Speed Cassette

from $129.99

The Shimano Deore CS-M5100-11 Cassette / 11-Speed The Shimano CS-M5100 is the first Deore cassette for 11-speed drivetrains. It fits conventional Shimano MTB freehubs and is comes with the following ratios 11-42t or 11-51t. Thanks to the proven Hyperglide technology, smooth and fast gear changes are guaranteed. Specifications: Application: All Mountain, Cross CountryGearing: 11-speedGear...
Shimano Deore CS-M6100 12-Speed Micro-Spline Cassette / 10-51t


With the Deore cassette CS-M6100, Shimano introduces the 12th sprocket for the inexpensive Deore beginner groupset. As with the top component series, the Hyperglide+ shifting aid construction ensures particularly smooth and quiet gear changes, even under load. The largest sprocket has 51 teeth, the smallest only 10, so this cassette...
Shimano Deore Deore CS-LG400 10-Speed 11-43t LINKGLIDE Cassette


LINKGLIDE cassette built for durability and smooth shifting Rider-tuned gear steps and smooth 2-way shifting. Focus on the natural joy of riding with smooth shifting in both directions and less pedaling shock. Durable drive quality and enduring shifting performance. LINKGLIDE drivetrain technology Smooth 2-way shifting (inward and outward) Reduced pedal shock...
Shimano Deore XT CS-M8100 12-Speed Micro-Spline Cassette


Enhancing ride performance and expanding gearing range, DEORE XT M8100 cassettes feature SHIMANO’s MICRO SPLINE freehub technology that works seamlessly, allowing the use of 10-tooth cogs. The new design with its smaller splines also allows for an aluminum freehub body construction that isn’t damaged or gouged out by the cogs...
Shimano Deore XT/EP801 CS-LG700 11-Speed 11-50t LINKGLIDE Cassette


The CS-LG700 cassette largely contributes to the extremely long service life of the Linkglide drive. Compared to the Shimano Hyperglide cassettes, the shift gates were designed in such a way that the shifting processes are a little slower, but softer and smoother. Despite the high chain tensions that are typical...
Shimano Dura-Ace CS-7800 10-Speed Cassette / 12-25t / No Lockring


Shimano Dura-Ace CS-7800 12-25t 10-Speed Cassette - Missing 12t Cassette Lockring 10-speed cassettes for the Dura-Ace 7800 groupset.  A lightweight alloy sprocket carrier reduces cassette weight while increasing sprocket stiffness and improving shifting performance. The largest three or four sprockets (depending on ratios) are made of lightweight titanium, and the remainder...
Shimano Dura-Ace CS-R9200 12-Speed Lock Ring & Washer


Lock ring for the Shimano Dura-Ace CS-R9200 road bike cassette - 12-Speed Only
Shimano SLX CS-M7100 12-Speed Micro-Spline Cassette


Shimano SLX CS-M7100-12 cassette - shifting performance for more fun on the trail The Shimano SLX CS-M7100 12-speed cassette features Hyperglide+ technology, which ensures high precision and smoothness as well as shifting speed when shifting up and down. Hyperglide+ also minimizes noise. CS-M7100 cassettes feature an aluminium spider and an...
Shimano Ultegra CS-6700 10-Speed Cassette

from $129.99

The Ultegra CS-6700 10-speed cassette by Shimano - for smooth, precise shifting The Shimano 10-speed Ultegra cassette CS-6700 allows exact shifting, but without much effort. Shimano has even improved the accuracy of the gear selection by changing the sprocket design. Despite all its user-friendliness, the CS-6700 cassette guarantees maximum precision...
Shimano Ultegra CS-HG800 11-Speed Cassette / 11-34t


Shimano 11-speed cassette CS-HG800-11 - for Gravel, MTB and Road The Shimano 11-speed cassette CS-HG800-11 fits MTB and Road freehub bodies equally - the 1.85 mm spacer required for Road 11-speed is included - and is therefore perfect for Gravel riders or riders who like to switch between terrains. One...
Shimano Ultegra CS-R8000 11-Speed Cassette

from $159.99

The Ultegra CS-R8000 11-Speed cassette by Shimano - smooth-running and reliable The Shimano Ultegra 11-Speed cassette CS-R8000 is available in numerous gear ratios, which reflects Shimano's declared desire to offer each rider an individual option, from 11-25t to 14-28t you will find everything. The HG-EV technology provides even better Hyperglide...
Shimano Ultegra CS-R8100 12-Speed Cassette

$189.99 from $169.99

ULTEGRA R8100 - LEAVE TIME BEHIND When developing the Ultegra R8100 series, Shimano took a holistic and 100 % performance-oriented approach, because great speed means great responsibility. Faster than ever before, the 12-speed road groupset scores with unparalleled control and comfort anytime and anywhere - whether in an everyman race,...
Shimano Ultegra CS-R8100 12-Speed Lock Ring & Washer


Lock ring for the Shimano Ultegra CS-R8100 road bike cassette - 12-Speed Only
Shimano XT CS-M8000 11-Speed Cassette

from $189.99

SHIMANO DEORE XT - 11-Speed - HYPERGLIDE - MTB Cassette Sprocket The SHIMANO DEORE XT cassette shaves weight while maintaining durability thanks to an alloy sprocket carrier. This DYNA-SYS11 cassette delivers precise shifting even in the most demanding mountain biking situations. Ride anywhere with smooth and precise gear changes Optimized...
SRAM GX Eagle XG-1275 12-Speed Cassette


Ride anywhere with this wide range Eagle™ cassette that provides the right gear. Fast on the flats. Control on the climbs. Dictate your own pace, anywhere. Only Eagle™ technology is the 1x drivetrain engineered for infinite freedom. FULL PIN™ technology uses lightweight, stamped steel cogs held together with high-strength stainless...
SRAM GX XG-1150 11-Speed Cassette / 10-42t


FULL PIN™ technology uses eleven lightweight, stamped steel cogs held together with 123 high-strength stainless steel pins. The result: a cassette that’s light, durable and equipped with SRAM’s super wide 10-42t gear range that’s a perfect fit for any ride. The open design similar to our X-DOME™ cassette aids in...
SRAM NX Eagle PG-1230 12-Speed Cassette / 11-50t


Ride anywhere with the wide-range PG-1230, 11- to 50-tooth Eagle™ cassette. The NX cassette gives riders every bit of the climbing range that the Eagle™ ecosystem affords with a simple upgrade to splined-drive body wheels. The PG-1230 is the only Eagle™ cassette designed to be durable enough to withstand the...
SRAM NX PG-1130 11-Speed Cassette / 11-42t


The PG-1130 cassette is light, durable and equipped with SRAM’s super wide 11-42 gear range that’s a perfect fit for any ride. Personalize your wide range gearing with one of eight available X-SYNC™ chainrings. Features Super wide gear range—a perfect fit for any ride Optimized gear steps across entire range...
SRAM PG-950 9-Speed Cassette / 12-26t


SRAM PG-950 CASSETTE Power Glide II 9-Speed performance in an all steel cassette. Technology: Power Glide II Speeds: 9 Speed Recommended Chain: PC-991, PC-971, PC-951 Lock Ring Material: Heat Treated Steel Sprocket Material: Chrome Plated
SRAM Rival AXS XG-1250 12-Speed Cassette


Our premier X-Range gearing, which utilizes tight jumps between chainrings and a 12-speed, wide range, 10-tooth start cassette, is now available for Rival. This includes new cassettes that feature smooth, precise shifting in ranges that cover road, gravel and everything in between. FEATURES:- X-Range™ gearing gives you more range and...
SRAM X01 Eagle XG-1295 12-Speed Cassette

$922.00 from $735.00

 Taken off a brand new S-Works Creo SL 2 - SRAM XG-1295 10-52t Cassette   The X-DOME™ Eagle™ cassette has no peer. It buried the last dangling shred of an argument in favor of a mountain bike front derailleur. The new 10-52t, XG-1295 cassette gives riders more than ever before,...