Est. 1982

Basil MIK Studs Frame Adapter


Do you have a bicycle bag with the MIK Side system that you would like to attach to your carrier, but you do not have a *MIK Side(MIK STUDS) carrier? Don't worry! You can still attach this bag to your carrier with the MIK Studs Frame adapter. You simply mount the BS-70204 adapter to either your front or rear carrier and this converts it to be compatible with all MIK Side bags, once done you just click and go.

*(recognizable by the three mounting points)

With MIK, you quickly and easily attach and change accessories on your carrier. Along with the standard MIK Profiles allowing you to click a bag or basket on/off the top of your carrier in seconds, the new MIK STUD/MIK Side system now allows the same convenience on the side without damage to your carrier. 


  • The MIK STUDS frame adapter works perfectly in combination with a MIK Side system;
  • Easy mounting is possible on both front and rear carriers;
  • The shims are suitable for carriers with different diameters
  • Weight: 1.12 kg
  • Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 2,50 cm (Exterior dimensions)
  • Color: Black