EST. 1982

Specialized Slaughter 29" Tyre

Size Chart
$75.00 $40.00

Slaughter Special - Older style compound without the newer Gripton compound.

Riders have been asking for a tyre that can enhance speed, while also giving them confidence while cornering. And by lowering the center tread of the Slaughter 2Bliss Ready tire for high speed, while keeping plenty of knob edges for secure braking, the result is getting you to the bottom first. This tire also features much taller side knobs that provide confident cornering traction. We've found that it's proper for rear usage, but it can also be ridden as a front.

Grid Casing - Additional cap ply for exceptional durability, plus added sidewall stiffness for enhanced stability which dramatically improves cut-resistance and stiffness.

  • Bead: Foldable
  • Butyl wrapped bead = 2Bliss Ready
  • Center Compound: 60a / Shoulder Compound: 50a
  • Control:  29 x 2.3"; psi 25-50; approximate weight 800g
  • GRID:  29 x 2.3"; psi 25-50; approximate weight 1000g