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Shimano WH-RS21/RS11/RS31/RS61 11-Speed Freehub Body


This Shimano freehub is the suitable spare part for the WH-RS21 CL-R rear hub This Complete Freehub Body can also be used on the following rear wheels - Shimano WH-RS61-TL-R/WH-RS31-R/Shimano WH-RS11-R

It is made of steel and is characterised by fast engagement. The complete freehub body is supplied with washer, O-ring for the right and body fixing bolt. The freehub can be used with Shimano road cassettes up to 11-speed.


Application:- Road

Freehub Body Type:- Quick Engagement

Freehub Body Material:- Steel

Freehub:- Shimano Road

Gearing:- 8/9/10/11-Speed

Manufacturer Number:- Y49V98040