EST. 1982
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Raiseys Hydrate-X Anti Cramp / Lemonade / 800g


To help keep you functioning normally or to perform at your peak for longer. FAST HYDRATE-X combines electrolytes and carbohydrates in a
re freshing drink that is absorbed by your body faster than water alone. EFFECTIVE 
 A scientifically balanced formula ensures that electrolytes lost in sweat
 are restored, fluid is replaced...
Raiseys Hydrate / Lemonade / 800g


Raisey's best selling product! It tastes great....just like a lemonade popsicle (everyones favourite iceblock). Its not too sweet and has a good blend of carbs and electrolytes and it works! Rehydration is not an optional extra out there these days when you're working hard at whatever your passion is. We...

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